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#1050 Wings Over The Mountains of Life

The Storms of Life

MountainWings was off schedule for the past two days.


A tornado hit, that's why.

The company that I am involved with has a huge trade show going 
on. This is one of the busiest times of the year. 
The tornado had absolutely no respect for my personal schedule.

The power to my house was out for the last two issues. 

Each situation in life teaches us, even tornados.

Tornados happen.
It's one of those little (or big) facts of nature.

You never know when a very strong wind will blow through and 
uproot things. Tornados don't care about your schedule and what 
you have planned.

Very strong winds will shake and often break loose all things 
that either aren't strongly anchored or are inflexible. 
The extreme wind snapped a large tree which knocked the power 
lines down. It took the power company over a day to get to our 
home because so many other homes were without power in the city.

I had power in our house.
That's not a spiritual statement, though on a deeper level it 

I have a generator. 

When the power went out, I switched the generator to the power 
panel and started it up. I had the generator previously wired 
to the power panel. 
I was ready for a power outage.

"Well, if you had power, then why was MountainWings off 
schedule?" you ask.

The power also knocked out the cable modem. 

That's another thing about rough storms in life. 
They usually cause damage to more than one area.

I had to use a dial up connection that I also had as a backup. 
The problem was that the dial-up connection had problems sending 
to all of the subscribers of MountainWings, especially AOL 
members. AOL has some very tricky software that prevents 
certain e-mail from getting through. 

I couldn't get the dial-up connection to allow me to send 
MountainWings to AOL and some other e-mail addresses. 
MountainWings has a lot of subscribers with AOL email addresses. 
If you have an AOL e-mail address, you got MountainWings very 
late. I couldn't send it to AOL subscribers until the cable 
modem was restored.

There are some things that you can't physically prepare for. 
There are some that you can prepare for.
In one form or another, tornados come to us all.

They are called the "Storms of Life."

I found an interesting story on The Storms of Life from a 
woman's weight loss journal. 

Trying to lose weight can be storm. . . ever been there?

Although some may not consider trying to lose weight A Storm of 
Life, it is.

It is one of many types but the elements of all storms are 

This is one woman's story on the weight loss storm.

"There are days in everyone's life that takes a toll on your 
personality. It changes you if you let it. 

These storms in life are the times hardest to get through on 
your own. 

Sometimes you feel totally alone. 

It seems as if you can do nothing right. 

Every attempt you make at living a normal and happy life is 
thwarted by someone or something. 

You wonder if you will ever make it - if you will ever succeed 
at your goal. 

You wonder if it is truly worth all the pain and suffering you 
must go through to reach it. 

You doubt yourself. 

You wonder if your life will ever be the same or better than it 
once was. You picture this "new" image of yourself in your mind 
of how you want to be and it can almost bring tears thinking of 
the happiness it would bring you if only . . . 
if only you could be stronger. 

If only you could stop failing.

These are the days that you reach out for a ray of hope. 
You need comfort in knowing that you CAN do this. 
You long for some encouragement; some support. 

These are the days that can really get you down. 
I personally look to God for help. 
I find that, through Him, I am strengthened and encouraged. 
I am empowered by His love and through Him I find that ray of 
hope to go on. 

When it seems like I can't make it one more day without binging 
- these are the times that God comes through for me. 

I find hope and rest from my worries. 
He lifts the burden for a while so that I can go on about my 
I know I will never be a whole and happy woman until I am truly 
happy with myself. But God helps me to realize that I can do 
this. I am not a failure because I have kept picking myself up 
time after time, after time. 

I have kept going and have not given up totally. 
That, my friend puts me back on track and I can move on and that 
strength will last until another storm clouds around my head. 

It is a never ending process. 
I have to keep going to my Heavenly Father for strength - and He 
never fails me."


I thank Beth for sharing her story and struggle with others.
That's another principle of the storm. 

You always feel better in a storm if you aren't alone.

Thank you for inviting MountainWings in your mailbox.
See you tomorrow.