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It Really Doesn’t Matter!

The issue and video "The Bling Doesn't Really Matter" was about
a man in sports who said, "It really doesn't matter."

Here is a poem I wrote about that line:

It Really Doesn’t Matter!

I says to her,
“Don’t ‘cha think it’s time to go?”
She says to me,
“In a minute, Hon,”
“I gotta get dressed,
Just so, you know.”

“Do you think I should wear the white sheath
With the sequins down the side,
Or perhaps this long green gown?
At least, it won’t ride.”
I said, “It really doesn’t matter,
Whatever looks the best,
But hurry up and get it on.
We still have to pick up Sue and the rest.”

Sure enough, she appeared,
Wearing sequins down the side,
And in her hands were two pairs
Of shoes for me to decide.
One pair was red, the other one black.
“Hurry up! It doesn’t matter!”
So in the reds she came back.

“Do you think I should wear
A ruby right here?”
Pointing delicately to her navel.
I said, “That’s fine, Dear!”
“Or maybe a string of pearls
Doubled over around my neck.”
I said, “If you don’t come on,
I’m going to be a total wreck!”

She said, “O Honey, how sweet!
Now, tell me what you think;
Which shall I take,
The white sable or the mink?”
I clenched both fists and yelled,
“They kept both animals warm!
What would your father say
Were you down on the farm?"
She said, “I’ll go with the sable
Daddy never liked that mink;

Before we go Sweetie Pie,
Do you think you could
Get me something to drink?”
I said, “No, Honey, there really isn’t time.
Besides, I’m in a terrible mental state.”
She said, “Well, do we take the Cadillac
Or would the Lincoln Continental look great?”
I said, “It really doesn’t matter,
They both have a chauffer.
Listen! By the time we get where we’re going
The Early Bird Special
Will be over!”

~A MountainWings Original by Marvin Purser, Hollywood, FL~

The Bling Doesn't Really Matter

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