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#2356              Wings Over The Mountains of Life


Do you know how significant "one" thing can be?

I finally got A book!!!

"MountainWings Moments - Parables of Life" is in my hands.

It's beautiful, all 416 pages, the red leather feeling cover, 
the gold embossed type, plus the color dust jacket are gorgeous.

There is only one slight problem.

I only have "ONE" book.  

The rest of the books are in another state.  The printer sent a 
book overnight to my home on Saturday to approve the book before
shipping.  I approved it.

Before I opened the package God spoke:
"Go outside and open it in the sun and note the exact time you 
first see the book."

I went outside in the back yard.  My Jeep was parked in the 
back.  I looked at the GPS unit in the Jeep to get the "exact" 
time.  GPS units have exact time to the millionths of a second.

As I looked at the GPS, the time indicator changed from 11:10 to 
11:11.  I stood in the sun, opened the package, and unwrapped 
"Parables of Life."  It looked far better than I expected.

It was beautiful!  Even the threads of the spine stitching were 
red and gold and matched the red and gold cover.  I now understood
why the printer said he was running a few days later than promised.
He said stitching 416 pages took time.

Why did I have to stand in the sun?  Why did I need to know that 
it was exactly 11:11 A.M. EST on December 21, 2002?  I don't know.
Maybe the book will bring sunshine into the lives of many.

This book was another MountainWings Moment.  

Not just because one book had arrived, but the one book meant 
that there were many others.  It meant the job was finished.  
It meant that it wouldn't be long before you get your books.
The books probably will not be delivered to us until Monday, 
December 30 because the office will be closed Christmas, 
Thursday and Friday.

But I've got the one and often the one proves existence.

Many people have never experienced "one" true follower of God's 
Word.  They have met tons who claim to be, but they have never 
experienced "one."

They have never met one who loved them as they loved themselves.

They have never met one whom they treated badly, 
yet returned love.

They have never met one who would pray for them 
if they despitefully used and persecuted them. 

They have never met one who would bless them 
even if they cursed them.

They have never met one who would die for them.

Sometimes you don't need a whole lot, all you need is one.

When they can behold one they can believe there are others, even 
if they can't see them, even if they don't know exactly where 
they are, even if they don't know if and when they will meet 
them, the one verifies the existence of the kind.

Have you ever seen one flying pink elephant?

Well if you had (and you were sober), you would know that flying 
pink elephants existed.

Can't find one?

Remember someone else is looking for one too.

Maybe this is your call.

SomeONE is looking for you.

You may be the "one" they are looking for,

one friend,
one caring person,
one forgiver,
one in the son...

A MountainWings Original

Your "one" or several books are coming soon.
To get "MountainWings Moments - Parables of Life"

Thank you for inviting MountainWings in your mailbox.
See you tomorrow.