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Well, Scat My Kitty

My, oh, my. I can't thank y'all enough for what you're doing.

I thought I really had it all together and all figured out four
months ago. I thought that when I was single, I was flying high
with money and success. In marriage, the money is shorter and
the success is there but harder to obtain (longer hours and more
focus/discipline). So, I was in a bit of a quagmire.

I submitted a plea for advice and soon after received a note
that said, "You need to come to our Men's Group." I came;
I listened and from there came more Sunday attendance at The ARK
and The 40 Day Miracle at

The results are resounding success: Incalculable improvement
in my life. The end result is less stress and abundantly more
happiness/joy. I'm so joyous.

You're affecting change not only on me but on my seed.

I see the reversal of generational curses from both myself AND
my wife. Thank you. Thank you, and again thank you.
Many Blessings to the Bronner lineage.

Nathaniel, you're like a coach. This going to bed by 11 and up
by 5 thing is a tremendous blessing. I'm so much more
productive at work, which allows me to focus on my wife and
family when I'm home. Before, I'd come home with my mind on my
work because I was always rushed and behind on stuff.

Funny thing on yesterday afternoon, the VP of Global Partner
Solutions came by my desk and we started talking football.
He and I have a cordial relationship and seem to have bonded on
sports issues. After we wrapped up our sports conversation, he
told me, "You know, I didn't watch the whole game on last night
because I went to bed at 10 and got up at 5 to plan." All I
could think of was a phrase my Grandfather used to use all the
time "Well, scat my kitty."

What a confirmation. This VP is a superstar in our company and
had affected substantial growth in three different divisions.

What's his secret? He does what Nathaniel told us to do.

Thanks for not hoarding the knowledge. Thanks for sharing it.
I'm really feelin' y'all.

~A MountainWings Original by Darrol Lawson, Atlanta, GA~

The 11 to 5 is from the 1st message in The Manifestation Series.
The Manifestation Series is a four message series on how to
manifest things in your life.

#1-"Get Up With The Sun"
#2-"Make the Call"
#4-"Why Do I Want This?"

The 40 Day Miracle

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