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The Explanation of The Flight

Her mouth hung open at the close of the “The Flight.”
She stood in silence for what seemed like a minute.
“The Flight” is only 30 seconds long.

“That’s real serious,” Brenda said still staring at the screen.

I had asked Brenda, one of the employees of my company to watch
“The Flight” and tell me what she thought of it.

I knew by her reaction that “The Flight” would shake a lot of people.
When things shake, they shake in all directions.

Another employee asked me to replay it several times.
I made the decision to put “The Flight” on

There will be many interpretations of “The Flight.”

"The Flight" is essentially about The Rapture. The Rapture is
controversial in itself with many different beliefs about it.
The general consensus is that upon the return of Christ, one
group will be taken away and one group will be left. It was the
basis of the movie series, “Left Behind.”

It is believed to be a sudden and drastic event from the verse,
“For as the lightning cometh out of the east, and shineth even
unto the west; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.”
(Mat 24:27 KJV)

The Bible does not actually say which group will be taken and
which group will be left; but it is believed by most that the
saved will be taken and the unsaved left and that those left
behind will be, putting it mildly, in a very sorry state.
"The Flight" depicts the plight of those left behind.

“The Flight” on a higher level is about decisions.

Each decision that we make has consequences. Although we may
think about a decision for a considerable amount of time, it is
made in an instant, like a flash of lightning. The word “decide”
literally means to “cut off.” Once we “decide” upon something,
we “cut off” other options.

I preached a sermon called “Be Prepared” on
I mentioned that if you dropped out of school, you made a
decision that would cut off other options in your life and that
such a decision prepared you for a different course in life.
Often it prepared you for a course that you really didn’t want.

After service a young man came up to me. He told me that he was
planning to drop out of school that very week and that "Be Prepared"
made him realize such a decision was unwise.

“I’m going to finish school now,” he said.

Often a message is meant for one person but to that one it is
life changing. Such is “The Flight.”

“The Flight” is ultimately about decisions, made in an instant
that have consequences for the rest of your life. The wrong
decision results in weeping and wailing when you realize that so
many things have left you.

Joy leaves, peace leaves, money leaves, security leaves, health
leaves and spouses leave. They’ve left you behind.

One wrong decision can have life long consequences. One thing
that you should have done that you didn’t do or one thing that
you shouldn’t have done that you did can change your life.


A lot of people will be left stunned by "The Flight."
It is a rather shocking and impacting 30 seconds.

Perhaps the more left stunned, the less left behind.

The Flight

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