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The title arrests your attention doesn't it?

It brings all sorts of things to mind and you are wondering,
"What is this MountainWings issue going to talk about with the
title Intercourse?"

I did a double take when I saw the word on an order for
The 40 Day Miracle. Many are preparing for 42.

I saw the order and noticed the city where the order originated.

Intercourse, Pennsylvania

Was there really such a city named Intercourse or was someone
playing a joke on me?

I checked.

Yes, there is a city called Intercourse, PA and Mervin Fisher
who lives in Intercourse ordered The 40 Day Miracle package.

Intercourse has a population of approximately 1,000 and is
heavily Amish.

I contacted Mervin asking if I could use his name. He responded:
"I was formally raised Amish and lived the Amish lifestyle until
I found Jesus five years after my marriage to a beautiful and
faith-filled Amish girl, now my wife of 14 years.

Yes, we do have several different town names here in Lancaster
County, such as... Paradise, Virgin Ville, Mount Joy, Blue Ball,
Bird-In-Hand and several others. Theses name originated in the
1700's when travelers could not read so they used symbols to
name a tavern."

For some unexplained reason, the town signs which read,
"Welcome to Intercourse" are often stolen by thieves.
Stealing is strictly prohibited during 42.
However having proper intercourse in Intercourse is not.

~A MountainWings Original~

The follow-up issue, "Without Intercourse"

To find out about 42, go to, and click 42.
It would have been simpler to use a link but 42 is a challenge.
The first challenge is finding it. Many emailed and said they
couldn't find 42 on It's there. Look!

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