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Without Intercourse

Some emailed and said that MountainWings should NEVER use a
word such as "Intercourse" in an issue.

The issue was entitled "Intercourse!"

Well exactly where would you be without intercourse?
You wouldn't even be reading this without it.
It is an absolutely vital part of society and humankind.

Without it, interpersonal relations would deteriorate seriously.
Tensions would increase. Misunderstandings and disagreements
would escalate to an unheard of scale.

Society as we know it would break down and grind to a halt.

Yes, intercourse is an absolutely essential part of human
existence. Every human culture in recorded history has always
had a well developed system of intercourse. It doesn't matter
how primitive the society is, the intercourse system is well

Highly industrialized countries and civilizations don't have a
better system of intercourse than societies with no electricity.

Humans have always found a way to have intercourse; therefore
it must be assumed that it is a natural occurrence for humans.

Intercourse also gets more people in trouble than any other
thing yet intercourse is absolutely essential and critical.

Most of you refer to intercourse by a common four-letter word.

You know - the four-letter word that means intercourse.


from The Random House Unabridged Dictionary:
1. dealings or communication between individuals, groups,
    countries, etc.
2. interchange of thoughts, feelings, etc.
3. sexual relations or a sexual coupling, esp. coitus.

Surely most of you had the FIRST or SECOND dictionary meaning of
intercourse in mind.

~A MountainWings Original~

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