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42 to 66

I just thought I'd write and share my story with you.

Last year, I loved what I'd read about and decided to
do the 42 days.

Everything went well until the third week. Lust got the better
of me!

I started anew and at the end of four weeks I was brought down
again. Finally, at the third go I was able to do the 42 days.

I am six feet tall and weighed 150 kgs (330 pounds), diabetic
too. I lost 30kgs (66 pounds)!!!

It was great.

What I lost during those 42 days was what changed my life.

The realizations and insights as to what works and what impedes
living a life in Christ was just amazing.

I am an Indian settled in Sydney Australia. Now I read the
Bible and pray twice a day and my day goes well. When I miss my
reading and praying in the night, I can never rest or sleep
well. I get up in the morning and have a wash and pray and do
my Bible-reading double time. A calm comes over me and the day
goes smoothly.

Thank you for bringing out those T-Shirts. Yes, God will bless
you for reaching out to so many more. I share the news of and the 42 days with all the people I come in contact

Talking of being overweight and staying healthy gives me the
opportunity to speak to people about The rest I
leave in the hands of Jesus.

I look forward to doing 42 days again this year. It helps me
clean up all the unwanted clutter in my life. My spiritual
well-being improves greatly and my family changes too.

God Bless you for this wonderful program of fasting and
praying. May the love of our Lord Jesus touch all people on
this planet of ours.

In love and appreciation,
Louis Xavier

~A MountainWings Original~

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