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The Rest Stop

I spend a lot of time traveling for my job. When driving long
distances, I have found that the rest stops optimize my time,
because I can do what I need to do and be quickly back on my way.

On one particular day recently though, that was not exactly the
case. It was a MountainWings sort of morning that I will never

The rest area was perfect, easy on and off the freeway, with
restrooms very close to parking and the coffee machine was right
by the restroom.

When I went into the restroom, I noticed an older woman washing
up over the sink basin, she seemed to be struggling just a bit.
I said nothing, just tried to mind my business. She began to
walk out of the restroom just as I was washing my hands. She
appeared to be somewhat distressed while walking and I saw that
both of her lower limbs were swollen, mottled and a deep purple

Still I tried to mind my business; however, as I watched her
struggle toward her vehicle, I felt an overwhelming compassion
come over me. I began to pray for her as I watched her struggle.

Tears were welling up within me and I felt as if God was telling
me that he deeply loved her. I also felt I was supposed to let
her know that; but still, I tried to mind my business.

I returned to my vehicle and proceeded back toward the freeway.
I then knew that as I was so busy minding my own business; I was
forgetting God's business. We are called to be His vessels, not
self serving vessels; called to share His love in everything we do.

It was about a mile down the freeway before I found an exit to
turn back around. I prayed to God that he would give me another
chance. I prayed that if it was His will for me to speak to
that woman; that she would still be there when I returned; that
He would give me the words to say to her.

When I arrived; the woman was still there. She was sitting in
the passenger seat of her van with the door propped open. As I
approached the vehicle I was somewhat nervous, but I knew that
God would guide my steps.

I startled her a bit when I walked up and placed my hand on her
shoulder. I introduced myself and told her that I believed that
God had wanted me to give her a message.

He wanted me to tell her that He loved her very much and if she
would just turn to Him that He would carry her burden.

As I looked into her eyes, they were filled with tears.
She kept saying "Thank you, Thank you".

I then told her that though I did not know if she was ill, that
God wanted her to trust Him to restore her health.

I then asked her to pardon the intrusion, but that I felt so
strongly that I was supposed to deliver this message that I had
to return after leaving the rest area. She said that she had
seen me leave earlier so she knew that I had returned.

As I turned to leave she reached out with both hands to grab mine;
like a baby grabbing for his mother, and she said with tear
filled eyes....THANK YOU.

I said "No, thank God, that He's a God of second chances."

This was a simple moment, a minor distraction in my schedule;
but, oh, how I was blessed. My reluctant obedience; my
disobedience, was used for God's glory. First of all, because I
had left, then returned, I think that woman believed what I told

And secondly, it taught me that even in the sinful nature in me,
God can work things for His glory. His will will be done.
I'm just thankful I didn't miss out on being His vessel this time

....this MountainWings Moment.

~A MountainWings Original by Lezlie Russo, Elk Grove, CA~

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