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Two Coats

A man said to the crowd...

“If you had two cars in your driveway, would you
a) either sell one and give the money to the poor, or
b) give the car to the poor?"

The crowd shouted, “Why yes! Of course we would.”

Again the man shouted, "And if you had two houses, would you
give one of them to the poor, as you cannot possibly live in two
houses at the same time?”

Again the response from the crowd was overwhelming,
"Yes" they cried.

The man shouted again, "If you had two coats, would you..."
and was interrupted by a man in the crowd who said,
"Hold on a minute, we ALL have two coats."

The man no longer continued.

Everyday in life we are the first to condemn others for having
many things while there are people in the world who have

"Why don't the celebs give some of their money, etc., etc.?"

However, when it comes down to it and we are being questioned,
we are the first ones to say, "Hold on, why us?"

Too often in life people don't think before they speak.
They judge others before looking thoroughly through themselves.

Next time... Please THINK

What you do to others... you should do to yourself.
What you say to others... you should say to yourself.
What you think about others... you should think about yourself.
What you see in others... you should see in yourself.


~Submitted by MountainWings subscriber Shelly Ryan as told by
her teacher from the U.K.~

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