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#4069           Wings Over The Mountains of Life

Life Is Like A Box of Chocolates

Reading MountainWings has taught me how to look for and find a
MountainWings Moment, a moment in life, which however small, has
a valuable lesson which can be applied to our everyday life.

I would like to share a MountainWings Moment that I recently

It was the day after Christmas; my brother and I were visiting
my aunt. It was a happy day, especially as they have five
children, four under the age of six, and I, like many people,
love small children.

There was a box of sweets on the side, and kids being kids,
naturally couldn't take their eyes off it. When my aunt came
into the room, they all clamoured for a sweet, so she opened the
box of Quality Street (a selection of chocolates) and divided
them into so many for each child.

My youngest cousin, age three, is famous for his funny sayings.
Now was no different; he opened each sweet with undisguised
glee, throwing the wrappers on the floor and yelling with more
delight at each one - "Yay! Chocolate again!! Look, chocolate!!"

Straight away, I recognized this as a MountainWings Moment.

Yes, all of the sweets were chocolate, but the lesson here was
that so many things in life we take for granted or expect them
to be what they are so when we experience them we take almost
no delight in them at all.

Learning to be grateful for the "chocolate" of life, even if it
is all "chocolate" is a valuable skill, and something that not
many people know how to do.

It is often in small children that it is found the most, and I
felt that this was reflected in this story.

~A MountainWings Original by Naomi, England~

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