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Heart of Gold

I want to thank you for publishing Sally's story.
"Hats Off To You"

I sincerely hope that everyone who receives MountainWings,
truly received this message. My husband is a wonderful man
with a heart of gold. He has such a compassionate heart for the
less fortunate, disabled and elderly. He's the type of man who
becomes a magnet to those who get to know him. Everyone loves
talking, spending time with and being around him.

He is a tall, strong and handsome man who is very smart and
incredibly talented. Little would anyone know that he is so
very self-conscious about his hair - or lack thereof. My
husband is 'that man' who wears his hat to church.

He once had a gorgeous head of hair. He would spend more time
in front of the mirror fixing it every morning than I would
spend on mine. He had a head full of thick golden locks that
began falling away in his mid-twenties. He is now in his mid-
thirties, shaves away the hair that does grow around the back
and sides of his head, and wears a hat every single day of his

He won't even leave our house without a hat on his head and is
just recently starting to go without a hat every now and then
while inside our home. I've tried many, many times to convince
him of his natural handsomeness and to just try to go without a
hat; to no avail.

He actually has a beautifully shaped bald head that I
truly adore and personally think is quite handsome. However, the rude
and ridiculing remarks and 'jokes' by past so-called friends
have hurt him deeply and made him even more self-conscious and
very insecure about his baldness. Not to mention the recent
comment made by an Associate Pastor during one of our many
visits to a church we were considering becoming members of.

While the comment was very vague, his intentions were clear -
he was very bothered by it. Needless to say, even though we had
previously spent several evenings helping to build this church,
we haven't been back since. That could have been our church home,
where we could have made a difference.

So, I ask each of you to please consider 'that man' in church
who wears a hat. Wearing a hat doesn't make them any less of a
person, or disrespectful, or ungodly. God doesn't look at what
we wear; He looks into our hearts. When He looks into my
husband's heart, He doesn't see a hat...but, what does He see
when He looks into yours?

I want to personally thank you Sally, on behalf of the man
wearing the hat.

Thank you for searching your own heart before breaking

~A MountainWings Original by Nichole, Rowlett, TX~

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