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Beatitudes for the Disabled

I am a Human Rights Officer at a state facility for people
with mental retardation. I work hard every day to protect the
rights of the people who live here. Lately, I've been feeling
tired, burned-out and stressed. I recently attended a Rights

This poem was given to us before the training started to remind
us of why we do what we do. After reading it, I've decided to
allow God to tell me when and if it's time to go.

Blessed are you who take time to listen to difficult speech,
for you help me to know that if I persevere I can be understood.

Blessed are you who never bid me to "hurry up" or take my tasks
and do them for me, for often I need time rather than help.

Blessed are you who stand beside me as I enter new and untried
ventures, for my failures will be outweighed by the times I
surprise myself and you.

Blessed are you who ask for my help,
for my greatest need is to be needed.

Blessed are you who understand that, sometimes, it is difficult
for me to put my thoughts into words.

Blessed are you who with a smile encourage me to try once more.

Blessed are you who never remind me that today I asked the same
question twice.

Blessed are you who RESPECT ME and LOVE ME "JUST AS I AM",
and not as you wish I were.

~A MountainWings Original by Janice Dowell, Denton, Texas~

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