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#3192            Wings Over The Mountains of Life

The Fighter

On Friday I had a heart attack.

The ambulance took me to the hospital where they did a procedure
of a cut in the groin to insert a tube with a camera going up to
the heart to see where the blockage was.

Well, they don't put you to sleep.

I could feel, and the feeling was terrible.

To occupy my mind, I tapped my left foot, and the surgeon said
"Hold your foot still."

Then, I tapped my left hand, and again he said
"Stop tapping your fingers."

Well it looked like I ran out of things to keep me busy,
so I started, "Our Father which art in heaven..."

I recited the Lord's Prayer three times with a loud voice and
very pronounced. By the third time, I heard the surgeon's
voice, "Please, breathe through your nose and close your lips."

Well, there was no way he could say, "Just shut up and be
quiet!" not with the Lords Prayer!

The story made the rounds on the cardiac unit and soon a lot of
nurses came by just to say hello.

~A MountainWings Original by Heide Holstein, Syracuse, NY~

From the mountain:
Sometimes, the world will force you to bear the load, and you
must be both silent and still. So many bear so much, yet are
silent and still. The beat continues, and the prayer continues,

on the inside.

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