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#14210           Wings Over The Mountains of Life

A Mature Birthday Celebration

On this day I celebrate another birthday as I sit here
rhapsodizing and soliloquizing of the incredible grace and
blessings of God on my life!

My real wealth is in my salvation, my relationships, my joy,
my peace and the love in my heart! The older I become, the more
I appreciate the little things in life that others often take
for granted.

It is not about where I am or what I have but who I am with that
matters most. In earlier years I rejoiced over things, but now
I am fulfilled by pursuing my purpose, leaving a legacy and
reaching my destiny.

In essence, the longer I live the more I realize that it is not
about me but ALL about HIM and serving others!

I'm honored to be His servant...
still cheerfully serving!

~written by my brother,
Bishop Dale C. Bronner on his birthday yesterday~

from The Mountain:
Bishop Dale is my "younger" brother yet he set the spiritual
example among his five brothers. With a church of 20,000 members
he still remains an humble servant and still remains an example
to his brothers.

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