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#14295           Wings Over The Mountains of Life

The 10 Most Important Decisions of Life

These 10 PRACTICAL decisions will shape your life and future.
Adults and youth need to know these 10 most important decisions
and the impact they will have on YOUR life.

You can decide the following:

1. Who your friends are.
2. Who you become romantically involved with.
Part 1 Listen
Part 1 Read it

3. How far you take your education.
Part 2 Listen
Part 2 Read it

4. Your career.
Part 3 Listen
Part 3 Read it

5. Where you invest your money.
6. To be healthy.
Part 4 Listen
Part 4 Read it

7. To forgive.
Part 5 Listen
Part 5 Read it

8. To be happy and thankful.
9. Your level of spiritual involvement.
10. Your priorities.
Part 6 Listen
Part 6 Read it

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