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Thank you for considering transcribing sermons.  It will help many people
who for various reasons, most often deafness, cannot hear the audio version.

This is a comment from Sarah, one of the transcribers:

"I seem to connect, learn more and understand more from listening to the
sermons and transcribing them at the same time.  I think it is because so
often we hear a sermon, but we do not necessarily for whatever reason
hear every word of the sermon.  When you transcribe, your mind is more
diligent about hearing every word because all of a sudden, every word
becomes important and every word has meaning.  I think listening for the
"in between words" has helped me get a greater understanding of the whole

TIP: With Windows Media Player you can slow the sermon to one-half speed.
If you are a fast typist, this will allow you to type in real time and you won't
need to stop and start.
To slow the sermon to half-speed:
1. In Windows Media Player 10 or greater,
click on the green down arrow (View menu) below the Now Playing button.
2. Select "Enhancements" then "Play Speed Settings"
3. Click "Slow" or slide the "Play Speed" slider to 0.5

Below are the 7 requirements for a transcriber:

1. You will need a computer or portable device with sound.
You will need an internet connection and computer or portable device (such as
an IPOD or MP3 player) where you can hear the audio sermons.  Preferably a
computer with Windows Media Player installed. Any computer purchased within
the last 3 to 4 years will have Windows Media Player installed with Windows 2000
or XP.  You can download the latest version of Windows Media Player here for free.

All of the sermons are in both .wma and MP3 format.  The .wma format is best
but if you need to listen on a portable device that doesn't play .wma voice files
(many portable devices play .wma music files but won't play .wma voice files)
then you will need to download the mp3 files.  Virtually any computer with sound
or any portable music device such as IPODs will play MP3 files.

Instructions for downloading MP3 files are here.

2. You need a word processing program such as Word.
If you don't have one you can use the excellent free program here.
Use the template for Word or the RTF template that presets the margins and font.
The RTF template will work in virtually any word processing program.

3. It helps to be able to type fairly well.
You can be a slow typist but of course it will take longer.

4. You need to be fairly proficient at grammar. 
You will need to punctuate the spoken word and put it into easily readable

5. You will need to be able to translate the spoken into the written.
Often the spoken word uses phraseology that is not the best for the written word.
You will need to be able to make simple translations and corrections to make
the spoken phrase read best and make sense.

6. You will need time.
It takes time to transcribe.  Unless you are a super fast typist, you must pause
the sermon as you type each statement then resume playing the sermon.
All of the newer sermons are 25 to 30 minutes long, some of the older ones are
an hour or more.

Depending upon your speed, it could take several hours to transcribe a sermon.
Once it is done, the words that you have brought from spoken to written will
outlive you and serve as a legacy for generations to read.  A few hours will last
lifetimes and bless untold numbers.

7. You need dedication.
You won't get paid any money.  Your efforts will go towards your heavenly bank

Just so you will know what it requires and so that we can get an idea of your skill
level we would like you to transcribe one of the mini-sermons, "The Wrong Club."
This audio message is 12 minutes long and is a little less structured than the average
sermon.  It will give you a good idea of what transcribing will be like.
Click here for the WORD Template or the RTF Template

Click here to listen to "The Wrong Club."

When you finish, please send the file as an attachment with your first and last name to:
 we need your first and last name to put "transcribed by..."
on each file.

Also, include some information about yourself and the amount of time that you think
would be able to spend each month.  Even transcribing one sermon a quarter would help.

Thank you for even considering helping.
Pastor Nathaniel Bronner

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