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A few comments from readers about the first MountainWings book, 
"MountainWings Moments - Parables of Life."  
I have just ordered three (3) more books.  Please send gift cards with 
each of the books.  Please HURRY... as I have given my personal book 
away as a gift and there are still more people expressing interest.  
Is it possible to have these books in my hand by Saturday???
Jim Hake
Good Morning Mr. Bronner,
I want to thank you so much for coming into my life.  My sister gave me
your book, "MountainWings Moments" and as soon as I can get a 
computer I will be signing up for your daily e-mails.  I can't wait.
I would appreciate it if you would accept this $5.00 and let me help
buy your lunch today.
With Warmest Regards
Bette Tolnai, Pittsburg, CA
(note: a check for $5 was enclosed with a card mailed to MountainWings.)
Just wanted to send you a note and tell you what has happened at our church,
"The Lighthouse Church Of Faith" in Quinlan, TX.  I received your wonderful 
book and asked to read one of the stories, the congregation enjoyed it so much, 
we have made it a standing part of our service and  a story is read each Sunday 
morning and each Thursday night.  I just wanted to let you know what you mean 
to us and to say Thank you and God Bless your wonderful work.  
Jacquelyn Park (Minister of Music),
George and Shirley Gillespie (Pastors)
I recently ordered one book and received two in error.
Please charge my credit card for the extra book, as I would like to keep it. 

Thank you. 
Shantel Maratea
It came today. 

Actually, the delivery woke me up and since I wasn't expecting anything,
I decided I better go check out what the dog was barking at.
There it was - a package for me... after Christmas... 
this is fun.  

Then I saw the logo.  I didn't even take it back upstairs.
I sat down right there in the foyer and started to read the cover: 
front, inside, inside, back, then the acknowledgements, 
then the table of contents and then picked a story.

I didn't move for an hour.

I held on to the book like it was a prized possession and I wondered why.
I think I know why.  It is the first time I have been so involved in a book.
I know the author (not really personally - but sort of - I have kind of gotten
to know him and his family from his original MountainWings).  

I even saw his brother's name on the acknowledgements (he's the one
who helps fix websites when they are down).  I could even picture the
staff putting the book with the gift card in the envelope to send it off.
It was - a MountainWings Moment." 
Thank you, 
Pamela Arries
East Grand Forks, MN
"They arrived!

They are all you said they were and more.
The look, the feel, the value is beyond description.

One for myself and I proudly give one to each of my sons.

Your book is wonderful.

Congratulations, my friend.
What a way for you to start the New Year."

Bob Perks
I just received my copy of your book.  
It is indeed as beautiful as you described.  

I opened it in front of my FedEx delivery person, whom I had known
through a previous connection years past, and have sent her a couple
of daily issues via e-mail so she can decide whether to subscribe or
possibly purchase a book.
Marian Foerster, Park River, ND
I truly love the book, I try to read something inspirational daily to keep
a positive outlook on life. 

Working in the substance abuse field, I often share what I read from
MountainWings to help inspire my clients to find the positive side 
in situations.
Lori Winthrop, Shirley, NY
I'm thrilled to have your book.  I'm very happy to have the 
collection of your best.  Please print another book when you have
another collection.  I'll buy more!
Carolyn Millar, Waleska, GA
I really liked your book.  You picked a lot of issues that I had read 
already and I had loved.  Issues that had impacted me in some way
and lifted me, changed me. 
Thank you for writing "Parables of Life."
Dayana Hernandez, Hialeah, FL
Your book is wonderful!
I have enjoyed each word and it is also beautiful.
Thank you for the autograph as well as all the work you put into it.
God Bless you in all you do.
Jacquelyn Park, Greenville, TX
I ordered your book "Parables of life" for my mother who has 
Parkinson's disease and very often gets depressed about her 
incurable advancing disease.

My mother loves it and was very curious about who had ordered it
for her as there was no name on the gift card (I did not indicate
it was a gift from me).  Thank you for the wonderful book to help
my mother through her down days.
Jane Webber
Your words are so simple yet so meaningful.
I loved the book and would like to say THANK YOU 
so much for giving so freely!

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