Prepare to Fly - Let help lift YOU over the Mountains of Life

Why do you need a donation?
I thought MountainWings was FREE?

MountainWings is FREE.  There is NO CHARGE, not now, not ever.
MountainWings is supported by one individual, not a church but one individual.  It is VERY expensive to advertise the site and mail the large number of emails that MountainWings sends each day.  Some have expressed a desire to help with the expenses.  That can now be done with a donation.

Whatever you want to send will be cheerfully accepted UP TO THE LIMIT***.

Is it tax deductible?
No, not unless you can prove it’s for business use.
MountainWings does not have legal 501-C non-profit status and is not a
legal church or tax exempt entity.

Can I put MountainWings in my will?  I want to keep my money while
I’m alive but I’ll be glad to leave you a chunk once I’m outta here.

Sure, I’ll be joining you one day anyway and then I can say thanks.
That’s of course provided you are “up there” but then you probably wouldn’t be doing this if you weren’t going “up there.”

***What is the limit that I can send that you talk about in the first answer?
Anything over 1 million will have to be approved.

What are chances of anything over 1 million being approved?
Very, very, very, very good.
Note: No pre-approval is required if you only want to send one million.
Approval is only required for OVER one million dollar donations.

Do I need to wait for approval if I want to send over a million?
No, go ahead and send it, if it’s not approved, we’ll send it back.

How will you send it back if not approved, Express Mail or Federal Express?

How soon would an over million dollar donation be approved?
As soon as the cold water splashed on my face wakes me up.

Seriously, what is a practical amount for a donation?

The minimum unit is $1 simply because of the credit card transaction fees.
The credit card service charges us per transaction plus a percentage of the total.  See above question for maximum limits.  A practical amount is really whatever you want to send.  Some have very little, some have a lot,
it depends purely on your desire to help.

What happens if you get millions (approval required of course), have more than enough to cover MountainWings expenses, and move to some tropical island somewhere?
Then I will write MountainWings from the island.

CLICK HERE to make a donation to help.


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