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#10110           Wings Over The Mountains of Life

Hats Off to You

I was sitting in church today and happened to notice a young
man with his hat on. I was taught that it was very
disrespectful for a man to have his hat on in a church or when
eating, etc. so this was bothering me very much. I sat there
thinking how I could go about letting him know that wearing his
hat was disrespectful when all of a sudden I had a MountainWings

It hit me that it wasn't right for me to judge another person,
in any way. I was in the Lord's house and if He thought it
was disrespectful, He would let the young man know himself.
I also realized that if I said something to him, the young man
may feel that he was unwelcome in our church. I could not be
the type of person who was so rigid and uptight that I would
actually chase someone away from hearing God's word.

I enjoyed the rest of the service so much better after asking
God's forgiveness about being so petty.

~A MountainWings Original by Sally Valot, Diamond, Ohio~

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