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The Birth of MountainWings

For those that have asked about the origin of MountainWings. . .

This is the story of how came to be.

Although it's about MountainWings, there are similarities to
many of your lives. Read and Learn.

Where did the name MountainWings come from?

Someone else threw it away.

I subscribe to a service that sends a list of un-renewed domain
names. is a domain name just like,, and I invest in domain names as a side
business. I own a lot of them. You register a domain name for
a minimum period of one year. It costs anywhere from $7.00 to
$35.00 per year, depending upon which service you use.

At the end of the number of years that you pay for, you are
notified to pay again or else you lose the registration on the
domain name and someone else can register it and own it.

That's what happened with Someone else owned
the name but decided for whatever reason not to renew their
registration and it showed up on the list. The list is long each
week with hundreds of domain names on it.

When I saw the name, something struck me about
it. I just liked it. I had no idea what I would do with it,
I just liked it. So I registered it.

Many of you feel that someone else has thrown you away just as was thrown away.

We often feel rejected, dejected, unloved, and unwanted.

Within each of us is a treasure, un-mined gold and undiscovered
value. Someone just has to be able to see the potential.

Someone else could see no value in MountainWings.
You might say that they viewed it as dirt.
I saw it as rich soil.

I kept, but I didn't know what to do with it.
I felt something about it; I just didn't know what.
I didn't want to sell it. I even wanted to change my personal
email address to
I just liked the name.

Many of you feel that way. There is something inside that you
can feel bubbling with potential. You just don't know what.
You know that life has a great destiny for you but you don't
know which way to turn. You feel like I did with MountainWings,
possessing something great but without direction or purpose.

Months after I had registered MountainWings, it still crossed my
mind, but without direction and purpose I didn't know what to do.

Sound familiar?

I am a Pastor of a church, a teacher if you will. Even though I
teach people each week, I also need to be taught. So I found a
teacher that I liked and could say that I wouldn't mind my life
being like the external manifestation of his life.

He was in good health, his family was together, he was reaching
out to help others and other ministers, he was business oriented,
he was in ministry with his brother, and he appeared to be
following God's destiny for his life. I know that no person is
perfect but some are sure better than others as examples to

That man is Pastor Wiley Jackson Jr., of Gospel Tabernacle.
I attend his Tuesday night services as often as I can. It's odd
for a Pastor to attend another church. It may be odd but it's
the right thing to do. Everyone needs to be taught and you
learn more by listening than by speaking. So I go.

Pastor Wiley Jackson is in ministry with his younger brother,
Rodney Jackson. I am in ministry with my younger brothers,
C. Elijah and James. My brothers even write some of the
MountainWings issues.

I chose a man that was doing what I wanted to do.
That's a basic principle. If you are going to follow someone,
make sure they are where you want to go or at least going in
that direction.

The main message was finished on this particular Tuesday night.
Minister Rodney Jackson had just delivered the message.
He began talking. This was not in his planned sermon.

He said, "We should use all of the available resources of the
world to reach people, we should be sending out e-mails
every day."


The thought instantly registered so strong on my spirit that it
was like having a bucket of ice water dumped on my head.
I immediately went home and began working on it.
For two months I labored on the concept to make it happen.
Read the issue:
Under the Covers:

What Rev. Rodney Jackson implanted into me that night was a seed.

A seed that was to grow in the dirt of the name that someone
else threw away.

Thus, MountainWings, the daily e-mail, was born.

To make something good grow out of dirt always takes work.
Weeds grow without help, but good fruit takes work.

Several days ago I mentioned to Rodney Jackson how his seed had
birthed MountainWings and six months after the birth over 10,000
people received it each day. Nine months later over 100,000
people received A MountainWings Moment each day.

Today, the mailing list is over a million.

"I didn't mean anything that big, I had no concept of something
of that magnitude," he said.

That's the power of a seed. You can't recognize mighty Oaks or
giant Sequoia trees by looking at their seeds.

If the seed is never planted, watered, and watched over from
weeds and predators, it will not grow into its destiny.

That holds true for your seeds implanted into your dirt.

You can have no fruit without seed.
Seed won't grow without dirt. Dirt won't yield to the seed
without breaking it apart to make it ready.
The breaking apart is painful.

It's called plowing.

Dirt + seed + plowing + other factors = fruit.
The other factors are under divine control.
Rain, sun, and season are some of the other factors that are
beyond our control.

For those of you that have e-mailed me to thank me for
MountainWings and explained how it has helped and changed your
lives, maybe you should tell the one that gave me the seed,
the idea for MountainWings. Sure the idea came from God, but it
came through a human vessel.

I don't know Rev. Rodney Jackson's e-mail address,
only his mailing address.

It's a lot harder to write a letter compared to e-mail.
It's almost a terrible drudgery.
You have to print or write it, get an envelope, a stamp,
then get to a mailbox.
That's okay though, difficulty is often a great sifter that
separates the casual from the dedicated.

Your thanks are seeds to the seed giver. Most ministers also
buy groceries for their families from your seeds. You never
know what you are imparting and what your thanks will grow into.

As with all things good, take it to The Third Level,
The Third Level

For those of you that have subscribed to MountainWings for
months, hopefully you have learned that action speaks a lot
louder than words and often it only takes a little action to say
a lot.

His address:
Rev. Rodney Jackson
Gospel Tabernacle
277 Clifton St.
Atlanta, GA 30317

~A MountainWings Original~

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