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The Gifts

On Father's Day last year, a young man came up to me after
church. I did not recognize him. I have not seen him since.
He was in his late teens or early 20's.

As I stood at the front of the church shaking hands he
approached me and said, "I watch you on TV and I just want to
give you this," as he handed me a piece of paper rolled up like
a cigarette.

I thought it was another appeal for help of some kind or who
knows what. You can get some weird things in ministry.
I thought nothing more about it. I threw the paper in the back
seat of my car along with a myriad of other papers that I had

A week later, as I was cleaning out my car, I noticed what
appeared to be a receipt for a money order laying on my back
seat. I looked at it. It said $500.00.

"Who would put a receipt for a $500.00 money order on my seat?"
I thought. I looked at it again, this time more carefully.

It couldn't be! I checked it again and again.

It wasn't a receipt.

It was a real money order for $500.00.

There was no indication who the money order was from.

I noticed another similar piece of paper still on the seat.

I picked it up.

It was another $500.00 money order. I immediately checked my
back seat thoroughly. There was another money order, this one
for $300.00.

There was also a note.

On my backseat were three money orders, totaling $1,300.00, and
a note.

The note read, "You have been like a father to me."

I stood there scratching my head wondering where in the world
did these money orders come from? Did my mother give them to me
for father's day and slip them in my car?

I called her and asked. She knew nothing about them.

I asked my wife. She looked at me, perhaps wondering if I had
started drinking or something. $1,300 of money orders just
laying on your back seat?

I looked at the money orders closely. There was absolutely no
indication of the origin but then I noticed one thing. All of
the money orders had a slight curl. I placed them in a stack.
The curls all fit together neatly,

like in a roll,

like in a cigarette roll.

I placed the note on top of the money orders.
The note had the same curl.

The young man at the church, the rolled up piece of paper,

He had given me $1,300.00!

In my years in ministry, I have never been on salary.
I don't collect a "Love Offering" for myself.
Ministry is something that I do without cost.

There is nothing wrong with being paid as a Pastor.
The Biblical way is to receive some form of support,
but for the moment, I simply choose to do as Paul did.

Thus, $1,300.00 was by far the largest gift in ministry that
I had ever received. It impacted me. It made me also remember
to never to prejudge anyone, for you know not what they bear.

Months later, another regular attendee of the church gave me an
envelope for Christmas.

In it was a card.

In the card was cash money.

It was a worn and faded one-dollar bill.

My first reaction was, "Is this all in this card. . . $1?"

Then I realized, they didn't have to give me that, no one else
did. It was all that they could afford. I began to see that
worn dollar bill in a new light, a widow's mite.

Those two gifts are the only two that stand out in my mind; the
only ones that I really remember. In both instances I misjudged
the givers and jumped to wrong conclusions. We are all human
and make errors.

Those gifts represent the extremes for me in amounts, but they
were given with the same spirit.

I teach here a principle of spirit.

We are sometimes ashamed because we don't have as much as our
neighbors or friends. Both the $1,300 and the $1 had great
impact on me. The person that gave the $1 was in dire financial
straits themselves. They didn't have much and virtually none to
spare. But they had $1, and they gave it.

We must always be careful with our words and declarations.

Never say that you don't have anything. That's not true.
If you have the capability to receive MountainWings you are more
materially blessed than 75% of the world.

You have or have access to:
1. A computer (likely with some type of living space to put it in)
2. electricity (worldwide that's not as common as you may think)
3. Phone service
4. An ISP connection
5. An email account
6. You live in a country that does not block internet traffic.
7. You can read.

There is a longer list but you get the point.

When I start on my list of "haves" money isn't at the top.
In material possessions I am enormously wealthy,
so are most of you.

We judge assets by how much they are worth.
What you would sell them for indicates their value to you.

How much would you sell your eyes for?


How much would you sell your eyes for?

10 million? No.

50 million? No.

I billion? Probably not.

Your eyes are priceless to you.

Maybe you would let the left eye go for 50 million but virtually
for no amount of money would you part with both of your eyes.

I am enormously wealthy. I have a pair of billion dollar eyes.

You do have something, always know that.

You do have something, be it a billion or a widow's mite.

You do have something.

~A MountainWings Original~

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