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I Can't Complain

I can't complain is a common answer that many use when asked the
question, "How are you doing?"

A friend answered me that way recently. "I can't complain."

I thought about it.

Yes you can.

Yes you can complain. You can complain about virtually anything.
Even if one area of your life is virtually perfect, there will
be something in another area that could use improving. There
will be something that you can complain about.

The poor have complaints.
The middle has complaints.
The rich have complaints.
Those with little power have complaints.
The president has complaints.

Due to the very nature of life, there will always be things that
you can complain about, that's not the question nor the issue.

The question is, "Will you?"

Will you see the beauty or the bump? The glory or the gory?
That which you have or that which you perceive that you lack?
The excellent or the terrible?

Depending upon your viewpoint, you will either praise or

Listen to the sermon, "See The Beauty" an adventure in seeing
the beauty in less than ideal situations.

So how am I doing?


~A MountainWings Original~

See The Beauty

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