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Words for Healing

The Healing CD is called "Words for Healing."

There are amazing testimonies from just listening to it.
Let me give you a little background on "Words for Healing."

We hold a monthly service at the church called "God Heals." Each month, on the first Sunday of the
Biblical month, we lay hands on and pray over people to get
well. God ministers in both power and word but often people
need something to keep them encouraged and faith-filled after
the service. I was led to produce "Words for Healing."

I recorded the words early one morning. I was upstairs in my
home and had just finished my morning prayers. I put on my
minister's robe and sat in my pulpit chair. I had recently
replaced the pulpit furniture in the church and brought my old
pulpit chair home.

As I sat in the chair in the predawn hours and started
recording "Words for Healing", it began to rain. Within
minutes it began to thunder. We had been having a MAJOR 100
year dry spell so the rain and thunder was unusual. It had not
rained in months and the city was under a severe drought alert
and water was rationed. As I spoke, it was as if God echoed
the words through the clouds. As soon as I finished recording
both the rain and thunder stopped.

The first two people to listen to the finished CD had opposite

The first couldn't listen to the CD all the way through. "I
fell asleep in my chair sitting at the computer," they told
me. "I had gone to bed early the night before so I wasn't
sleepy but it was just something about "Words for Healing"
that was so comforting that I just fell asleep sitting in the
chair and that's something that I've never done."

I brought "Words for Healing" to the church for the first time
at a Friday night service and the second person got the CD
after the service. This was her testimony.

"I put it into my car's CD player as I drove home. As it
started playing, an energy flowed over me and I just knew that
I couldn't go home. I couldn't turn "Words for Healing" off.
I went to the park. It was dark and I never go to the park at
night but I felt led to go the park.

I sat in my car in the park listening to the CD when suddenly
I became afraid. There was this man standing there knocking at
my window. "Would I be robbed and raped?" was the immediate
thought that ran through my mind. He tapped on my window and I
let the window down just a bit.

"What is that you are listening to?" he asked. He said that he
was walking in the park and he could feel a power coming from
my car from the words and voice that came from the car.
Two of us were changed that night".

The church's audio video engineer mixed the CD. He is a strict
facts and figures engineer. He told me as he delivered the CD,
"I'm a pretty hard man but tears flowed from my eyes as I
listened to this".

If you or someone you know has ANY physical or emotional
issues, "Words for Healing" will bring a great change.

The CD or instant download is full totaling one hour and 20
minutes. It will be one of the most impacting 80 minutes that
you will ever spend.

Listen to it regularly especially as you go to sleep at night.
One day, you will need this CD to help you sleep so always

You will be able to feel the power, peace and anointing.

If you want a CD or if you want to send someone a CD, the cost
is $10. The instant download is $7. That's it.

How will it impact you?

I don't know. I do know that it will affect you and I do know
that it will benefit and change you.

Wait until you have one hour and 20 minutes to spend and feel
the miracle.

End the drought.

Thank you for inviting MountainWings into your mailbox.
Change a life, give a friend MountainWings.
See you tomorrow.

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