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Why Me?

This is an actual prayer request received on MountainWings.
Rarely do we publish prayer requests, but this one touches in a
special way. It is unedited for correct English.

am ugandan girl aged 24. my parents died when i was 16. my job
today is to bring up my young siblings one boy & three girls.
Now i know this is my responsibility but sometimes the load is
just too much for me that i break down and cry & i ask God
really why it had to be me.

Sometimes i think its' just too much for me to handle.

for instance the school begins next week and i... I loose words

I need your prayers pse

Why Me?

All of us have asked that question at one time or another.
When the load gets heavy, the resources get thin, the hours of
the day get longer and the sleep at night gets shorter.

We see others around us that have it so much easier.
Or so we think.

I have learned, never assume how easy the other person has it.
They may be wishing they were in your shoes, and the grass often
looks greener on the other side.

I asked, "Why Me" once.
I received an answer from God. That answer is in the issue:

I sent the young girl in Uganda that issue.

Maybe it helped to shed some light on her "Why Me?" situation.

Maybe it will help to shed some light on yours.

Long before MountainWings, I answered an email from a woman who
read my book, QuickFasting on the web,
For some reason, even though the book was about fasting, in a
moment of despair she emailed me.

She explained the situation that was causing her turmoil.

Her husband worked long hours, the mothers in the neighborhood
depended upon her to do so much with the children. So many
people depended upon her that she was feeling overwhelmed.

I don't have my answer recorded, but I remember the gist of it.

I told her that she had a good hard working husband that was
struggling to provide for the family. She wasn't concerned
about him with another woman. He always came home, sober and
kind. He was there, just not as much as she wanted. I told her
many other women dream of a faithful husband like that.

Children are a woman's most prized possession and most women are
very particular about whom they entrust them to. Obviously, she
had the trust and respect of her neighbors if they depended upon
her so much and trusted her with their children.

They looked up to her.

If people constantly depend upon you, it means that you have
something to offer. It usually means you have something they
don't. It means that you are the giver and they are the
recipient. It is more blessed to be on the giving end.

She emailed me back and thanked me profusely for changing her
viewpoint. It made her see her life in an entirely different
view, and she was much happier.

Same life  different view.

Why you?

Just maybe you were chosen for a position of strength to help

Maybe you are the blessed one and you are meant to be a blessing
to others.

That's Why You.

Because YOU can handle it.

~A MountainWings Original~

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See you tomorrow.

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