MountainWings A MountainWings Moment
#2188  Wings Over The Mountains of Life

Missed Issues

MountainWings was not sent from Wednesday July 3rd to Sunday July 7th.

I was on vacation on a cruise with my family in the middle of the ocean.

The thing is, MountainWings was supposed to be delivered to your
email address each day without fail, but it failed.

What happened?

As close as I can figure, something caused the email server to
cutoff and reboot. It could have been caused by a brief power
outage at the company that hosts the server or any number of

Whatever it was, when it blipped, the server was turned off and
MountainWings stopped. Normally I would have caught this fairly
soon but as I mentioned, I was in the middle of the ocean.

The ship actually had internet access. It was around one dollar
per minute. It was very expensive plus I needed a break anyway,
so I didn't log on to the net on the ship. Normally when I
travel, I have my laptop and I can always check MountainWings to
make sure everything is running smoothly.

MountainWings usually does run smooth. Issues are programmed in
advance so whether I am here or not, MountainWings goes out
without fail. Very rarely do we have things go wrong but that
is just one of those quirks of life. The very time when I am out
of range of normal internet access, it decided to stop working.

Maybe the baby just missed the parent and pitched a fit.

The missed issues started being sent as soon as the server was
correctly started.

At any rate, see you in the morning.

Below is a past issue written when we were having a lot of
problems with our new system.

MountainWings A MountainWings Moment
#2029 Wings Over The Mountains of Life

A Problem?

Some want to know if we are having a problem with MountainWings?

No, we are not.

Many of you have received duplicate issues.

That happens when our very expensive email sending software jams
and we have to re-start the server. When it restarts without
properly shutting down, and we can't properly shut it down
because it's jammed, it will start sending the list from the

Some have been receiving all issues dated January 13.
We still haven't figured that one out yet.

Some are still not getting their issues for one reason or

The separate server that handles the subscribes/un-subscribes
crashed for a few hours (and we don't even touch that server).

The broadband modem that both my tech-wiz brother James and I
use to connect to everything went out, at both of our houses,
within a few hours of each other.

Is MountainWings having a problem?

No, we are not.

We ran a database repair on the mailing list; maybe it would fix
the January 13 problem we thought.
Our very expensive email software manual recommends this.
The database repair repaired things all right.

It erased half of the list.

We had to restore from a backup (fortunately that worked right),
but we lost all new activity for the last few hours.

Is MountainWings having a problem?

No, we are not.

We are having SEVERAL problems.

It reminds me of a famous comedian with personal problems.
He said people told him that he had a monkey on his back.

"No I don't" he replied, "I've got a whole zoo on my back."

Life is like that.

Problems generally don't happen one at a time.
They don't wait patiently for you to solve one thing before
another pops up.

Problems often travel in groups.

Your car breaks down at the very moment your money is tight,
or is it the other way around?

Just when you really need a little extra sleep,
you've got to get up extra early or stay up extra late.

I have no idea why some subscribers have all of their
MountainWings issues dated January 13, but I went back to read
the issue sent on January 13.

It was Desiderata.

No, 13 is not unlucky.
That's rooted in lack of understanding.
Jesus' group consisted of 13.

If you have more than one problem right now, maybe you need to
go and read Desiderata again.

Maybe you should also read a few other MountainWings issues,
The Waves and That Hill.

But that's only if you've got more than one thing you are
dealing with. All others with one problem or less have no need
to read them.

Desiderata -
The Waves
That Hill -

This MountainWings is being sent very early.

We are installing a new updated and far more stable version of
our high-powered email mailing software. It should be up and
running perfectly by tomorrow's issue.

Just in case, we are sending this issue early before we make the

Just in case, there is A Problem.

~A MountainWings Original~

Thank you for inviting MountainWings into your mailbox.
Change a life, give a friend MountainWings.
See you tomorrow.

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