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#2221              Wings Over The Mountains of Life

To the 84... NO!!!

Hardly a week goes by that someone doesn't tell us they were on
the verge of suicide and MountainWings changed their minds.

Suicide is the 11th leading cause of death in the U.S.
It is the 3rd leading cause of death among young people.

Based on the national average and the number of MountainWings
subscribers as I write this, 84 MountainWings subscribers are
statistically slated to commit suicide this year. As scary as
murder is, people are 1.5 times more likely to kill themselves
than be murdered.

The four major factors why people kill themselves are:
1. Depression 2. Alcohol 3. Cocaine 4. Separation or Divorce

To the 84, I say NO!!!

Often when people write in, they claim they can't find a reason
to keep living. Everything has gone wrong. Everything is
messed up. There is too much pressure and too little resources.
Too many bills they owe and too few bills in the wallet.

They hurt.
People don't understand.
They are alone.
The pain seems to go on forever.

They can't sleep.
They can't eat or they eat too much.
They don't have a really close friend whom they really trust.
Death seems to be an easy answer.

I am reminded of the mega-football star, Deion Sanders.
He had it all in the world's eyes. He was a multi-millionaire.
He was famous. He was well respected. He had two super bowl
rings. He had gorgeous women clinging to his very shadow.

Deion had factor number four. He had broken up with his wife and
lost his family. Even with all of the money, all of the women,
all of the fame and all of the power, the loss of his family was
more than he thought he could handle.

One popular version is that Deion drove his over $100,000.00
sports car off a cliff hoping to kill himself. When the car
stopped, he was unharmed and still alive. He said he felt God
was letting him know it wasn't his time to die.

Another version that I heard Deion tell is that he was sitting in
his car getting ready to drive over the cliff when a policeman
knocked on his window and asked for his autograph.
That knock saved his life, for the great Deion Sanders was ready
to kill himself.

I write this issue to the 84.
It's not a booming voice from the sky.
It's not a supernatural angelic manifestation.
It's not mystical writing on a wall.
It's not a burning bush; it's an email,
but it does come from The Mountain.
It is a knock on your window of despair.

It is God telling you...

"It's not your time to die."

Someday it will be your time but that time is not now.

Death is not a wall; it's a door. Neither Christianity nor any
other religion says death is a wall, it's a door.
Don't fool yourself that suicide is an easy way out. It's not.

When I was a boy, our next-door neighbor committed suicide.
He had a PhD.
He was educated but stupid.
Knowledgeable but ignorant.
Degreed but deprived.

He knew so much but understood so little.

Below are seven MountainWings issues that will help you if you
stand on the brink of a fatal decision.
Read them and remember...

It's not your time to die.
Not now, and not by your own hand.

The Storms of Life
The Big Flash
Give Thanks
Back Around Up
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Pritty Good
The Waves

To the 84... NO!!!

A nation never falls but by suicide.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

~A MountainWings Original~

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See you tomorrow.

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