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Poor Dad - Rich Dad

1.  Go to school and make good grades.
2.  Get a safe and secure job.
3.  You could lose something if you take risks.
4.  Work hard and save.
5.  Work for money.
6.  Pay your creditors first.
7.  Save money by shopping for bargains.
8.  Don't buy something you can't afford.
9.  Investing is risky.
10. Your house is an asset.
11. The rich are greedy.
12. Money is a necessary evil.

1.  Become financially literate.
2.  Build businesses.
3.  You will never do anything big without taking risks.
4.  Don't save, invest.
5.  Let money work for you.
6.  Pay yourself first.
7.  Make money by shopping for investments that go up in value.
8.  Ask yourself how you can afford it.
9.  Not investing is risky.
10. Your house is a liability.
11. The rich are generous.
12. Money is power.

Vision - The ability to see what others do not see

Author Unknown

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