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In the cool of the night
There's no body in sight
As you sing a quiet song
Another night all alone

You walk thru the mall
See couples enthralled
Holding hands as they walk
Gazing deep as they talk

By the store window you stand
An answer you demand
In a soul searching tone
"Why am I alone?"

At night no one cuddles along by your side
An empty passenger seat stares at you as you ride
Your favorite movie is playing on cable
One meal stands alone at your dinner table

Again you ask to what seems empty air
Why there's no one to listen, no one to share
My dreams and my hopes
As I'm climbing the ropes

Even in victory
It's still just me
Who stands in the light
No partner in sight

Why must I walk in complete solitude?
Why must the master be so rude?
Is it too much to ask?
Is that too hard a task?

To have someone with whom to share
Someone about whom I really care
Someone to mingle my life
Someone to ease the strife

You stand in the window thinking it's only me
A ship by itself in the midst of the sea

Open your eyes and gaze hard in the glass
See what's really true about now and the past

If you ride all alone and no one is there
How do you explain the car that you missed by a hair
You felt something pull you in the nick of time
For the tragedy on the news could have been thine

Or the time that you were up against the wall
And didn't know how you'd make it at all
Up all night you didn't know what to do
But at the very last moment came the breakthrough

Remember the thing that scared you so bad
Terrible thoughts of what you had
Then the report that reached your ear
No need to worry for all was clear

And the little voice that gave you advice
The voice that was right more than once or twice
It urges you on and sometimes says stop
Slow down be careful, around that corner's a flop

Gaze in the window
See what eyes cannot
Look hard, see the shadows
Look hard at the plot

A brush of wind around you clings
Unseen but felt, those are angels' wings

The movement seen from the corner of your eye
Angels that catch each tear that you cry

If you knew the truth you’d wonder out loud
How could I have been lonely in the midst of this crowd?
For God has sent you a host of protectors
Directors, objectors, connectors, inspectors.

As you leave the window to continue your stroll
Invisible hands are there for you to hold

How could you have ever been so wrong
To think that God would leave you alone.

It’s not that you were ever alone at all
Your eyes open as you move down the mall
You were never one in the sea
You simply couldn't see reality.

If you knew the loving and caring that surrounds
If you knew the warmth and softness that abounds

If you knew the truth about what really is
You’d see the hands that catch all of your tears.

~A MountainWings Original~

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