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Air surrounds us all.

It may be clean and fresh in the country,
it may be polluted in big cities,
but its life giving presence is all around us.

Air is just a mixture of gases
containing roughly 21% oxygen and 79% nitrogen.

Air is air but it becomes something entirely different
when inhaled and exhaled by a living creature.

It becomes breath.

It literally changes in both chemical composition and potential.

Words are breath.

Words are simply air set in motion by a living soul.

All of us on earth have virtually the same 21/79% mixture.

But oh, how the words differ.  All carried by the same air.

Hate or love spoken, same air.
Encouragement or discouragement spoken, same air.
Compliments or criticisms spoken, same air.
Curses or blessings spoken, same air.
Can do or can't do spoken, same air.
The beauty or misery of life spoken, same air.
Faith or doubt spoken, same air.
Laughter or sighs expressed, same air.

Same air, but different breath.

Air comes into us all with the same potential,
we change it,
we charge it,
we shape it,
we make it,
then we send it forth.


Regardless of what you have been through,
no matter what your parents did,
no matter what is or isn't in your bank account,
no matter what hurts,

YOU have a decision to make about the next breath.

God not only breathed the breath of life into man and he became
a living soul,

He gave us the choice of what to do with every breath.

He literally gave you the power to breathe life into people and
situations, all with the power of your words.

He gave you the power of good and evil,
life and death,
with breath.

Take a deep breath

...and decide.

          ~A MountainWings Original~
from the creators of

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The music in the movie is: Prelude in C by JS Bach.
It's part of Bach's "Well-Tempered Clavier" collection and should be 
available on any number of commercially available CDs.