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Iím Sorry Hank

Iím sorry Hank.

Hank Smith was a boy in my elementary school class.

I was ten years old.

Itís been nearly 40 years ago.

Iím sorry Hank.

What did I do that was so terrible to Hank nearly 40 years ago?

I was a part of a group who taunted Hank.
We made fun of him.
We teased him.


Because Hank was overweight.

At the time, I simply followed the crowd.  It was the cool thing
to do.  Everyone else did it, why not me too?

I had very little knowledge of hurting others feelings or the
lifelong damage such a thing could do.

I was ignorant, but still I participated in the damage.

All of us have things that we wish we could change.
We look back and say, ďHow could I have done that?Ē
"What type of person was I?"

We all have those kinds of things in one area or another.

I was writing material for something that involved forgiveness,
both forgiving others and asking for forgiveness for the wrong
that we've done, when Hankís face popped up before me.

I can still see him after all of those years.

I realized long ago the wrong that I had done.
I just have never asked for forgiveness.

Iím sorry Hank.
I didnít know.
I didnít feel.
I didnít realize.

Oddly enough, I remember Hank vividly though it's unlikely that
he remembers me.  He no doubt remembers the jesting, but I was
simply another face in the crowd.

Nearly 40 years ago, at West Manor Elementary School in Atlanta,
I participated in hurting another human being.

Iím sorry Hank

...and I ask you for your forgiveness.

~A MountainWings Original~

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