MountainWings       A MountainWings Moment
#4121w              Wings Over The Mountains of Life

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Do you sometimes feel like you are just working to pay bills?

Do you sometimes feel like you doing something that is a waste 
of your time?

Do you sometimes feel you were born to do something else?

Maybe you were.

Do you sometimes feel someone on the inside is telling you to do 
something different than those on the outside?

Do you sometimes feel like there is a another part of you that 
is trapped and can't get out?

Do you sometimes feel like someone else is supposed to be doing 
what you do?

Maybe someone is.

Do you know what you were created to do on Earth?

Do you know what gifts and talents God has placed inside of you?

Do you know how many people will be affected by the power inside 
of you?

Maybe you should find out?

Are you scared to take a chance?
Are you comfortable where you are?
Are you uncomfortable where you are?

All changes involve risk.

Do you know where the road you are on will take you?
Do you know where the road you could be on will take you?
Can you see the future of your greatest potential?

Are you looking without or within?

Look at your fingertip, you have a unique mark in all the world, 
it remains on everything you touch.

Look at your iris, no eye on Earth sees what you see.

Listen to your voice, your words vibrate a unique pattern that 
will only sound the same coming from you.

Feel your heartbeat, it pumps blood carrying a DNA (Destiny Now 
Authorized) that no computer can decode.

There is no amount of money that can compensate for not being in 
your destiny.

There is no amount of time that can pass that will be too late 
for at least part of your destiny.

There is no one who knows better what you were designed for than 
the original designer.

Do you know Him?

What you are is no accident.
Who you are is no mistake.
Where you are is no coincidence.
Why you are is all that is relevant.

What is the purpose of this moment?

When you discover your purpose you will know.

          ~A MountainWings Original~
from the creators of

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