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American Shoes – Southern At That

I liked this story very much,
“Sit Down So That I Can Take Off Your Shoes.”

Funny though, I decided to click onto the link that would give
the spoken version as well, just to see what it would be like.

It gave me such a shock!
Let me explain.

You see to me, you are someone whom I know, who sends me my
devotional on a daily basis and ministers to me regularly.
I have become familiar with you, with your way of wording and
story telling.  You are a friend to me through Christ Jesus
and someone I enjoy hearing from.

Then I clicked on your spoken word!

"Whoa!  Who's that??" I thought to myself.  This person has
such a broad American accent, this person was not familiar to me
at all!

Then I laughed.
Of course you have an American accent, you are American!

But you see, I am Australian, so I have always read your messages
in my mind and you have an Australian accent everyday when I am
reading them!  You are not someone foreign to me, but rather you
sound just as I do when I read your words of encouragement!

For once, it has occurred to me that I know someone with the part
of the body that God always intended us to build our
relationships on.  I know you with my heart.  So when I heard you
with my ears, you did not sound like the person my heart knows.

Of course you are one and the same, but I realized I had become
familiar with your message purely through my heart and my shared
faith in Jesus Christ.

I am glad for that spoken word.  It taught me more than you
probably intended.  It taught me that Jesus Christ builds
relationships and bridges all differences in His faithful servants
so that we can all know each other with our hearts, something
the world has forgotten how to use.

Isn't that wonderful?  Look how God takes away the differences
so that His message can be heard.  It gives me just a small
insight as to how well we will all be able to share TOGETHER the
glory of Heaven.

"Thanks Mate!"

~A MountainWings Original by Cathi Sands, Australia~

Click below to hear the American (and Southern at that) voice.
"Sit Down So That I Can Take Off Your Shoes"

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