MountainWings       A MountainWings Moment
#4177w              Wings Over The Mountains of Life

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I am rich beyond measure
Untold wealth and untold treasure
Let me share with you just a bit
Just a piece, just the tip of it.

Rolls Royce and Ferraris, got I donít
A billion dollars earned, I wonít
A fleet of private planes, not today
A chauffeured limousine, no way

Those are the things most consider wealth
Not a bit of it goes past death
Donít get me wrong, all thatís nice
But between that and true wealth I wouldnít think twice

Iíve got feet that take me down halls and stairs
Legs that move and can dance away my cares
Iíve got ten fingers and ten toes
Iíve got good ears and working nose

Iíve got vision that allows me to see
Without my eyes what good is a Ferrari?
The roar of twelve cylinders cannot compare
To the feel against my face of my babyís hair

The fanciest house or grandest castle
Without love in it is just a hassle.
I can take a deep breath and then exhale
Donít cough, donít sneeze, lungs say all is well.

Iíve more than enough food
Folk who still love me even when I become unglued
When itís cold outside my bodyís warm
Iím dry in the midst of the storm

Water enough to quench my thirst
I can drink it until Iím about to burst
ďThatís trivial some of you think.Ē
Do you realize how many donít have clean water to drink?

Yessire Iím rich beyond compare
Call me poor, donít you dare
I may not have it all
But I understand the apostle Paul

He said if you have clothes to wear and food to eat
You ought to be content even if youíre not Wall Street
Iíve got so much more than food and clothes
Iíve still got troubles and Iíve taken blows

I face battles nearly every day
Life ainít all no bouquet
It has its trouble, its pain and its sorrow
Sometimes I lend and sometimes I borrow

But through it all both thick and thin
I really see the truth of the shape Iím in

No life is not a


Life is full
Life is rich

Take a moment and count all you own
Stop using that moaning tone

When you see the truth life switches

When you can learn to count your riches.

          ~A MountainWings Original~
from the creators of

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