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It was extremely late Wednesday night; I was in my office working
on finalizing is a unique concept like nothing else.

The concept is simply this: when you click "START SERVICE" the
computer chooses the prayer, scripture, songs, appeals, comments,
sermon, welcome, and benediction.  Once you click "START SERVICE"
there is no more human input, yet over 30 million different and
unique service possibilities can result.

We created for two reasons.

First, to give those who could not or did not attend church an
alternative to get the feel and spontaneity of every part of a
real live service.

Second, to allow God to choose what each person hears at that
particular point in their lives when they press "START SERVICE".
To give them a RIGHT NOW WORD if you will.

I knew that God used random chance in the casting of lots
extensively in the Bible.  "Lot" is the root word of "lottery"
and a "lot" according to the dictionary is:
"An object used in making a determination or choice at random."

The priests were often given their duties and God even commanded
the people be given their land by the casting of lots, by what
seemed like random chance. (Numbers 34:13)

It is where the phrase "your lot in life" originated from.

Even the disciples chose the replacement disciple by casting lots.
(Acts 1:26)

Many understood that God guided through seemingly random events. works on the same principle.

The computer is the thing that casts a lot and picks a seemingly
random set of service elements and generates a totally unique
service each time "START SERVICE" is pressed.

I understood the Biblical basis; that's why I wanted to create a
system that would allow the hand of God to move and deliver a
specific service and message out of millions of possibilities for
anyone pressing "START SERVICE."

It was late; I was sleepy. will continually be
improved as more service elements are added each week,
but to my sleepy eyes it is working fairly well now.

As I made a few more tweaks in the wee hours of Thursday morning,
I decided I would click "START SERVICE" and see what happened,
just to see what I would hear.

I was working on my notebook computer so I typed on my office
computer and clicked "START SERVICE."

The prayer, the scripture, the song, the welcome, and the appeal
all played as expected; and although it felt good, neither raised
my eyebrow as I continued to work.

Then came the sermon.

In three minutes I was absolutely transfixed.

It was EXACTLY what I was dealing with personally.

It was specific.

I didn't preach that sermon, my younger brother did.
I heard the sermon long ago, but I wasn't dealing with that then.

I was now.

Although I knew that he was asleep, I emailed my other brother,
the computer engineer who programmed the guided scripts that makes work and wrote to him, "You won't believe this!
Listen to message number such and such, THIS is what played on when I clicked 'START SERVICE' tonight."

He knew my private struggles and would know how the sermon was
right on the money.

I stopped working and listened transfixed as revelation, strength,
understanding, peace and resolve flowed anew.

"This thing does work!" I excitedly thought then shouted out,

"This thing DOES work!"
See what God has to say to you today.

~A MountainWings Original~

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