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My Problems

This revelation first came to me 15 years ago while rock
climbing with friends somewhere outside of Chico, California.

As we sat resting on a hillside peering over a small highway,
I noticed a single slab of granite.

This single slab must have been over ten stories tall
and several hundred feet wide.

As several big truck rigs drove by on the highway below,
it hit me how so many things mankind seems to consider big
were simply dwarfed by one single creation of nature.

That single slab of rock had been there most likely well before
the pyramids in Egypt were constructed.

I now live in Sparks, Nevada,
nestled in a valley at the base of the Sierra Mountains.
Like everyone else, from time to time,
I think I have a problem too large to overcome.

Whenever I have one of these problems,
I simply step out my front door
and look at the mountains.

When day turns to night,
I simply look up at the stars.

I begin to think of what it took,
at the moment of creation,
to form the multiple intricacies of this little planet
on which we all live... 
to make everything work as it does.

Then I look at the stars
and think of how many worlds,
like ours or not,
that may orbit the billions of stars in our galaxy,
and then millions of other galaxies that lie beyond ours.

I think of all the problems God had to overcome
to give us all
what we now enjoy.

my problems don't seem so large at all.

~A MountainWings Original by Daniel Allen, Sparks, NV~
from the creators of

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