MountainWings       A MountainWings Moment
#4240w              Wings Over The Mountains of Life

The Dark Room

After being lost in the woods, you find an empty cabin.

You enter and this is what you find in the cabin.

There is a wood burning stove
with a large unopened can of frozen beans on top,
a kerosene lamp,
and a fireplace full of dry wood in the room.

The problem is that you have only one match.

This is your situation.

It is winter and freezing,
both outside and inside the cabin.

You are starving.
but there are the beans on the stove

You are cold.
but there is the wood in the fireplace

It is the dead of night and you can barely see.
but there is the lantern

Which would you light first?

Make your decision
and then scroll down for the answer

The Match!!!

Although this is a joke by an unknown author,
it has great truth in it when you understand
that all too often we focus on the secondary things
before conquering the primary.

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