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Good morning, Ladies and Gentlemen

I read the MountainWings Moment when a teacher asked us to pray
for her rather unruly seventh grade class as I was tutoring a
group of youngsters on their lunch times so they could catch up
with the others.

Yes, we will pray for you, but prayer needs action. I've been
teaching for a very long time now and I often start my lessons
with "Good morning, ladies and gentlemen." It sets the tone.

I speak to them as I want them to speak to me. I say "please
will you," and "thanks I enjoyed teaching you today."

No they are not always perfect, but persevere. Try talking to
each student individually, praise whatever you can about them,
make them feel special because some of these children have no
love at home.

The miracle you want will happen...

...children know if teachers love them
...and they do respond accordingly
...don't give up on them.

~A MountainWings Original by Helen Yewlett, United Kingdom~

from The Mountain:
The above advice works with more than just classroom students.

Students in Life

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