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A Strange Thing

A strange thing happened during our Friday night service.

We are three brothers in ministry; we are in the pulpit together
on our TV broadcast. Before each service we have makeup applied.
None of us like makeup but we need it for the bright TV lights.

We have a makeup room and the makeup artist, Lacretia Moore,
expertly applies makeup to each one of us.

The makeup room has a pushbutton lock on the door.

C. Elijah preaches on Friday night and he was the last one to
get his makeup applied. The service had started, I was in the
pulpit as James prayed and read scripture.  C. Elijah had not
joined us. James continued with songs as we waited.

C. Elijah was 10 minutes late and I became concerned and went
to see what the holdup was. I heard knocking on the door as I
approached the makeup room.

C. Elijah was banging on the door. The pushbutton lock was
broken and it would not open. I couldn't get it open so I got
the church maintenance man.

My mother was in the audience after a long absence from the
church. She was spending a lot of time out of town taking care
of her 95-year-old mother and thus was not in town to attend

During the 30 minutes that it took us to get the door open my
mother came on stage and spoke. We knew her message was the
message for the service and after that message we dismissed.

Of the six sons of my mother and father, four are ordained
ministers. One is a Bishop with a 9,000 member church; the
other three are behind,,, and The ARK of Salvation.

When you hear my mother's voice, spirit, and passion you will
understand why her seed has ministry embedded within them.

I felt that so many of you would be blessed by the word that she
delivered that I devoted this issue to it. Find out why God
locked the door so that such a word could come forth.

It’s less than 10 minutes but it may change your life.

"I Just Came To Tell You" by Robbie Bronner

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