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Six The Hard Way

I was on my usual run. The mercury hovered above 90 degrees.
It was hot.

Sweat poured into my face stinging my eyes as my feet pounded
the pavement in a steady rhythm. I saw a man standing in a
doorway and then heard a shout,

“That will either kill you or make you strong!”

It was a MountainWings Moment.

Both halves of the statement were true.

Such heat combined with the exertion could surely kill you.
It’s always an elevated risk exercising in extreme temperatures.

I waved and kept moving. Heat kills a few but inactivity kills
a thousand times more. His statement applied to more than just
running in the heat. It applies to all tough situations.

When tough things come, it will either strengthen you or break
you down. It will make you better or bitter. It will make you
an over comer or overwhelm you.

Tough things can kill.
They kill the spirit, hopes, dreams, visions and even desire.
Excessive pressure can make you explode
or make you learn new ways to constructively vent.

Spirit is very much like the physical; you can’t build muscle
without weight or put another way,
“Smooth seas never make good sailors.”

Heat, pressure, weight on your shoulders, and the constant
demands of life can make you strong. They build your faith.

After six miles, I finished my run, exhausted but feeling
better. I went inside, showered, and took a nap.

I ran hard for the six and then rested.

There are keys to improving your odds that the pressure makes
you stronger.

Run hard for the six then rest, is one of those keys.

~A MountainWings Original~

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