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To The Limit

I wanted to see what it would be like to do what it said.

So I tried it.

People frowned.
They gave me mean and strange stares.
Some I imagined even cursed under their breath.
No one else obeyed.

It was an experiment of what it would be like to live by the
written word and the law.

You will abide alone.
You will be talked about.
You will be scorned.
You will feel persecuted.

I moved to the right lane and set the cruise control at 55.
It was exactly what the word said and the law deemed proper.

It was like I was a road sign along the edge of the road as cars
zoomed past, oblivious to the signs and the law.

All of these feelings were evident as the cars poured forth and
mean looks zipped past.

People hurried more because of:
starting out late,
habit than true necessity,
the desire to push beyond the limit than to live within it.

As they hurried, calm enveloped me.
It was like sitting on a country porch watching the highway.

So is life.

The road within the word is far less traveled, but it is far
calmer and filled with peace.

Away from the rush to worry,
away from the hurry to heaviness,
away from the hustle and the hustling;
the road within the word places you within another world.

That world appears to move slower, but in reality
the right lane always moves faster to the REAL destination.

Sometimes living life to the limit understanding the limit.

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