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Good evening my child

Itís good to see you


I'm not your child


So you belong to the "other" one eh?


I belong to "the one"




Many are under that illusion but they are really mine


Even the "other" one's son said many will say

"Lord, Lord didnít we do miracles in your name?"

and He said, "Go away, you workers of iniquity

I never knew you."


Well, I sure knew them


If I have many who work miracles

can you imagine how many I have

who don't work miracles


Well I'm not one of those.


That's what ďtheyĒ thought

I can see into your heart

you're one of mine


You're known as the father of lies

the great deceiver

I know not to believe you


I lie when it suits me

I tell the truth when it suits me

I'm at least honest about that 

You people rationalize

and make up excuses when you lie


You look different than I expected

you're actually rather good looking


What sense does it make to scare people?

I may be evil but Remember,

I was the most subtle creature 

in the garden


Disguise is a great tool


I kill over ten times more people

each year with cigarettes

than 357's, 38's, 22's, 45's,

9mm's, and rifles combined


People are afraid of all those guns

but no one is afraid of one of my greatest killers

Thatís my great power of illusion and deception


One of your greatest killers

how many do you have?


More than you can imagine

I have killers that kill the body,

the mind, and the spirit


Do you know how many marriages I break up?

And the fools don't even know that itís me


How do you do that?



I just make them think about themselves

MORE than each other

Pride and self centeredness

has always been one of my greatest tools


Donít you know that you are defeated?

Donít you know that you canít win?




Iíve been here for thousands of years

and even by your book Iíve got many more


Many who live under my rule

know theyíll spend eternity burning in hell


If you humans are willing to sacrifice

all of eternity for a few decades of living it up

imagine how I feel about a few thousand years


Of course that ďliving it upĒ is my greatest illusion

I promise them bliss with






and many gratifications of the flesh


It lasts an average of 26 months before the futility

and misery begins to set in


26 months

where did you get that figure from?


Thousands of years of experience

Believe me, I know what Iím talking about


Besides, I may get defeated in the end

but Iíll still have more souls than the other one

a lot more

even your book says that

so who really wins?


But why do you like to make people miserable

and cause so much pain and destruction?


Sometimes I get more credit than I deserve

Some of you can be just as mean and hurtful as me

I donít do all of that stuff

Much of that is from human flesh and the spirit of humans

Look at how many brothers and sisters are at each otherís throats

not speaking to each other

Kids hate parents and each other

Iím good at causing chaos

but I must admit

Human nature can get pretty low without my help


But you used to be an angel

why the big change?


Thatís a long story

you wouldnít fully understand

letís just say

I got tired of taking orders

I didnít want to be under anyoneís authority

I wanted to do my own thing

I wanted to be boss


Then again, maybe you would understand

Havenít you ever felt like that?


Well havenít you?


We are not interviewing me

we are interviewing you


Touched a nerve huh?

That little bit of not wanting to take orders

and wanting to self determine my own life

was my first step away from ďthe other one.Ē

Since it got me away

I use that same spirit on humans to get them away too


I just take a little of me and infuse it in


Iíve put that little bit of me in everyone

only a fool denies that


So whatís next

what are you planning now


Iím really planning a major shakeup

Iíve got some real nasty things cooking

I think I will be able to cause some heavy world destruction



you mean all of the international strife

and turmoil thatís happening


Nope, thatís the distraction

Iím real good at distractions


Iím causing some major world problems

but that isnít what is really affecting most people


Beyond what they see in the news

and few price hikes here and there

it isnít really impacting their world all that much


The major stuff Iím brewing messes up ďtheirĒ world

not the international world


Fools are worrying about nations not getting along

and I have them not getting along with the people in the office


Iíve got them at war with the people they see everyday


I have them at war with the people under the same roof


I even have them at war with the person in the same bed


By the way

have you seen how Iíve really influenced who the other person

in the bed is these days?

Iím really proud of that


You see

the stuff they see on the news is the distraction


Your book says,

ďLove thy neighborĒ

not love thy ďother nationsĒ

Iíve got them hating their neighbor and the other nations too

Boy Iím good!


But why do you cause all of this destruction?


Have you ever squashed a bug?

Iím not talking about a mosquito that could bite you

or an insect that could sting you

but just an insect that could do you no harm

but you just squashed it for the heck of it



have you ever squashed one

for the heck of it?

Or shall I say

for the hell of it?


Well have you?


I guess so


Well multiply that pleasure a million times over

I love squashing lives








and harmony


I just love it!



thatís the way I view all of you

helpless bugs to be squashed


Are you going to let me out of here

to tell people about your plans?

I mean if you are exposed people will get wise to you


Iím not going to stop you

you canít harm me or my plans

Iíve been exposed from the beginning

your book says so



if youíve been reading your book

and if you truly arenít mine youíd know that I canít stop you

I only have power over my people

not His


Iím nothing but ďThe Evil,Ē

shorten my name

from DíEvil  

to simply Devil

and thatís what I am


People have always known my nature


One hundred forty two million three hundred fourteen thousand

seven hundred and sixty two people

have committed adultery this year


All but three knew that it was wrong

so go ahead

tell them and see what good it does

They already know in their hearts what is right and wrong.


The ďotherĒ one wrote His commands in their heart

I just put a little of me in there also

Iíve got you humans and I ainít letting go of you

but then most of you donít want to let go of me either


I told you

Iím good at what I do


So what about Jesus

arenít you afraid of Him?


Why should I be?

Look at the score

even He said it

ďfor wide is the gate, and broad is the way,

that leadeth to destruction

(destruction, thatís me)

and many there be which go in thereat:


Because strait is the gate and narrow is the way

which leadeth unto life

(life, thatís Him)

and few there be that find it.Ē

Notice that He said

ďmany would enter my path but few would even find His.Ē

Let me tell you something

everyone who finds His path still doesnít enter


I get a lot of them standing at gate

knowing the way but undecided and still trapped

and unwilling to let go of my illusions

Oh yeah

I get a lot of them like that


You see

Finding and entering are two different things


When you add the score

Iíve got a wide path coming to me

That would be the equivalent

of an eight lane highway at rush hour


He has a narrow path coming to Him

thatís the equivalent of a small trail up a mountain

with only a few travelers every now and then


so why should I be afraid of Him?


But you get destroyed in the end



I will have reigned for thousands of years

and Iím going to take most of you with me


Donít you have any mercy?


Mercy ainít my thing

Never has been

never will be

thatís His thing


The only thing Iíve got is the illusion

that I can solve your problems

and bring you bliss


That illusion has been working

for thousands of years and itís not slowing down


I tempt you puny humans with all of the stuff

of this world

Stuff that rots

and falls apart

and you fools keep falling for it


Iím going to expose this to thousands of people!

Iím going to expose you for what you are!

Iíll make people see!


Youíll expose this to thousands

maybe even millions

but Iíll tell you what will happen


They will enjoy it

some will say ďamen,Ē

some will forward it to others

but they wonít change


For each three thousand four hundred and twenty-two

who are mine who see this

only ONE will change

only ONE


You fool! Only one will change

I will keep the others


I also know this from experience

Iíve got and will keep most of you


ONE in 3,422!

I keep 3,421!

So what have you got to say about that?


Jesus already said it

"I say to you that likewise there will be more joy in heaven

over ONE sinner who repents

than over ninety-nine just persons

who need no repentance.Ē

(Luke 15:7 NKJV)



If you are that one and wish to pray the Prayer of Salvation

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