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The Chance for Change
The New Year brings the chance for change.
All of the things we can rearrange.
We start off fresh and eyes aglow.
We can make a new start is what we know.
Weíll lose the weight, we say at last.
Trying to forget weíve said that in the past.
Iíll save some money is the new resolve
Anyone know what Iím speaking of?
More time with the kids, less time with TV.
This year Iím really going to work on me.
Iíll tighten it up and get it in shape
My what a difference this year will make.
Itís not really the resolution
Thatís not at all the real solution
Itís not even the coming year
That will help you cut down on your beer.
The secret does not lie in January
The day of the year is not your adversary
The season does not make you pass or fail
You could do it in June just as well
How many New Yearís resolutions do we keep?
Most donít survive the second week.
If you want to succeed at whatever you say
You must make up your mind no matter what the day
New Year or not, set your resolve
Show the world what youíre made of
Set your goals and start them now
Get to pushing, get behind the plow
You may not succeed at all the first time
You may fall off the wagon and get behind
The key is to try again, and try it soon
Whether itís January or whether itís June.
The chance for change is always there
As long as weíre breathing Godís precious air
Little is really out of your range
Just donít miss the chance, the chance for change
~A MountainWings Original~
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