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I dedicate this to my baby child.

When you lay on me this morning in bed and looked at me
with those big eyes, I told myself that everything I go through
for you is worth it all.

When I smelled the sweet residue of milk on your breath,
I knew that every diaper change is worth it all.

When I smelled you and the scent of your hair
with no perfume or shampoo,
I smelled the fragrance often known as baby scent
and knew that every bottle refill is worth it all.

When you lay on my chest and I felt your little heartbeat
against my big heartbeat, I knew there was no stronger love
in all the world and realized that every day I go to work
to pay the bills and to provide for your future is worth it all.

When I see you struggle with everything in you just to crawl one
foot, I know that you will be an achiever and will do whatever
you put your mind to; it inspires me to do more and be more.

That first ever so simple two syllable word that call my name,
is the greatest speech I know and one that I will never forget.

When I look at you and see the features that came out of my DNA,
I know that I will live on after I leave this Earth
and I know that every cry I sooth is worth it all.

When I am awakened at night because you are in discomfort
how can I sleep when you can't sleep,
if there was a way, I would take the pain myself,
I could sleep better with the pain than watching you in pain.

Even though it will be years before you can read this,
I feel that you understand it when I squeeze you against my
heart and hold you there until you get restless.

I think that you understand when I sing to you
even though you don't know what the words mean.

I never thought sharing could be so easy as it is
when I share my bed, food, and time with you.

When I realize all of this,
it is only then that I understand that we are God's children
and if He looks at me like I look at you,
I know that He will always love me
and I finally understand the love, grace and mercy
that He shows me.

My child I love you.


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