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#5056w         Wings Over The Mountains of Life
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Have You Seen?

Have you seen a mountain lake at moonrise
Or the morning fog lit by the rising sun?
Have you seen the living forest at twilight
Or the face of a child as they sleep?
That is Peace

Have you seen horses run across the plain
Or the eagle soaring high above the trees?
Have you seen a parent's face
The first time they see their newborn child?
That is Joy

Have you seen the first shaky step of a newborn calf
Or the sprout of a seed in spring?
Have you felt the untasted water that harbours salmon
As it rushes to the sea?
That is Life

Have you seen the roiling clouds and lightening
The driving rain and wind of a storm?
Have you seen the tsunami wave rise above you head
Or felt the earth shift under your feet?
That is Power

Have you seen peace, have you felt joy?
Have you seen the life around you 
Or felt the power of the earth and sky?
In rock and stone, beast and bird
That is GOD 

~A MountainWings Original by Tammy Monds, Canada~
from the creators of

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