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My Sewing Basket

I'm getting out my sewing basket
There is some mending I have to do
But before I can get started Lord
I've some questions to ask of you

How do I sew my tattered dreams
Or repair all the holes in my heart
If you could please instruct me how
I'll be more than happy to start

I've patched them up so many times
Till I thought everything was alright
But try as I may it all comes undone
Wanting to scream with all of my might

The dreams they seem to just fall apart
No matter how strong the thread
The holes in my heart they grow larger
Making this task a thing that I dread

Perhaps within my sewing basket
I have overlooked a tool or two
That would make this job more easier
Please show me Lord I ask of you

Is there an unknown secret somewhere
A stronger stitch I don't know about
Is the needle I use full of sorrow and pain
The thread, is it too full of doubt

How I long for your Godly Instruction
Show me the way I can keep it together
In return I'll make this promise to you
To put my trust in your Word forever

Should I find the tools to continue on
Then perhaps I will better understand
That no one can fix what life rips apart
If it is not in the Masters hand

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		~A MountainWings Original~
	      by Shirley Sipple, Georgetown, MD
	from the creators of the websites

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