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The Cloak

“It sent a chill through me when I saw it.”
“This thing really sticks in your head.”
“There’s something about it.”
“Exactly what does it mean?”
“It’s mystical.”

Those are some of the comments people made when they saw the new shirt and logo. Logos is a Greek word; it means
“that which is spoken or even thought.”

I have an old shirt that has embroidered on it.
When I wore it people asked me one of two questions.
“Is that an airline?” or “What is”

I hadn’t made a shirt for you because I couldn’t think of what
to put on it. The embroidered just didn’t cut it.
I wanted to represent with something that does
justice to the name but I couldn’t think of the right thing.
Then in prayer one morning God breathed into my spirit,
“Ask the congregation; it will come from out there among them.”

On Sunday morning I asked the congregation, “I want you to think
of a slogan for Something that people can
remember easily but says something powerful. I explained to
them that people think it’s an airline (which it sort of is, it
just carries you to a different type of destination).

I told them, “I need a slogan, and I need it quick.”

There was an urgency pressed upon me even though
has been in operation for months. You know what I mean.
You’ve had something for a long time but “NOW” is the time.
MountainWings was like that when the time of birth was near.

When you wear a shirt with writing on it people look at it.
They read it. Sometimes they are impacted by what it says.

Imagine going to the grocery store and the cashier has problems.
As you stand in front of her to checkout, she reads your shirt.
She doesn’t comment; she just reads. It sticks with her as she
wonders “what exactly does that mean?”

When she gets home, she turns on her computer and types in She clicks on one of the websites.

Her problems are lightened.
Her loneliness comforted.
Her depression lifted.
Her joy increased.

...or maybe it’s a “him” who reads your shirt.

And the thing is... you may never know about it.

After service people brought me slips of paper with various
slogans and sayings. I didn’t read them until Monday morning at
my office. I had mounds of paper slips spread out on my desk as
I read. Some were good, really good, but most were too long.
They were good but none had that punch that hit you in the gut.

Nothing really clicked. You know what I mean.

When I got home that evening and checked my email there was an
email from Morgan Fisher. Morgan is a college senior majoring
in marketing. He is a quiet young man. He arrives at church
early each Sunday and attentively sits and listens.

Pastors know faces even when they don’t know names. You
recognize the faithfulness of certain people, and you can count
on them to be in a certain spot as dependable as the sun.

Morgan is like that.

In his email he explained that this journey of life has some
terrifying things and thoughts, and many are afraid in life just
as they are on airplanes.

When I read the two words that Morgan had written, an electricity
went through me. Instantly I knew those two words were it.
You know the feeling.

This was the only one that had been sent from the congregation
through the Internet, the very mechanism for

At the store, the movies, the mall, the restaurant, the park,
the job, or the family, wherever you are, imagine wearing power.

Imagine being able to
talk without talking,
speak without speaking,
preach without preaching,
witness without witnessing,
influence without intruding,
wherever you go, whatever you do

Imagine being able to change lives,
just by the cloak that drapes over your body.

In the Bible, garments were often infused with meaning and
power. They were called cloaks or mantles. I don’t even think
of it as a shirt but as a cloak.

A cloak is an outer garment, but it is also something that covers
and conceals. We all need covering and some things concealed.
I pray over and anoint each batch of shirts.

I am in Baltimore today (Sunday). I wore The Cloak at a function.
A lady came up to me afterwards and said, "I've got to have one
of those shirts now!" I tried to explain to her that they would
be available to order at tomorrow.

"No, I want one now! Ask and you shall receive. I want one now!"
she insisted. I asked her where she would be later that day.
I went to my hotel room and got another shirt and brought it to her.

We just got The Cloaks on Friday. I am writing this on Sunday and
it will be sent in Monday's MountainWings. I have worn The Cloak
for three days and each day more than one person out in public
has been impacted by The Cloak and said so.

Plus, they look good.
They are black to represent light out of the darkness.

You could change at least one life a week just by the anointed
cloak that you wear.

Imagine that!

You could change at least one life a week.

Just by the cloak that you wear.

“Because the darkness is past, and the true light now shineth.”
1 John 2:8

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