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Thank You

Praise God for my daily bread
A place to sleep, to lay my head
Also a roof
Forgiveness when I goof

Shoes to wear on my feet
Music for my head to bob to the beat
A nose to smell all the good things
Vocal chords for praises to sing

Eyes for glory, beauty
Nature's mysteries to see
Hands so that I can pray
A mouth for thankfulness everyday

The Sun to warm my face
The Moon shining with such grace
Twinkling Stars in the sky
The Milky Way... my oh my

Water to quench my thirst, to drink
That is great... don't you think?
Delicious food upon my plate
Receiving His love and not hate

Blessings I receive nearly every day
Kindness, caring, gentleness coming my way
Angels watching over me
God, I'm grateful and happy

Even though I have hard times
Feeling low and beat sometimes
I know the Lord is always there
I know the Lord for me He does care

I will never let anything get me down
Even if the Devil comes round
For my soul is God's to be found
And in His arms I sleep safe and sound

I will always be 
A Gallant warrior
A Brave Warrior
For my Valiant Savior
To see

Thank You Father for your Son
Thank You Father for your love
With you I will be as one
So I can be with you above

		~A MountainWings Original~
          by Marie Jacquelyne, Montreal, Quebec, Canada~
	from the creators of the websites

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