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Don't Settle for Less

Don't settle for less
Don't stop, don't regress
You have greater things inside
You have yet to hit your stride

Too often we stop
Too often we drop
The dreams we once had
We settle for the bad

You are not at your best
You have not reached the crest
Where have your dreams traveled?
Why has your hope unraveled?

You're made for the top
You're cream of the crop
You're not second best
Don't settle for less

The danger of traveling life's twisty road
Is not in the bombs that might explode
It's not in the bullet that shatters the skull
It's not in the iceberg that pierces the hull

It's not in the things that break flesh and bone
It's not in the coup that disrupts the throne
It's not in the lightening that strikes and burns
It's not in the tornado that overturns

The greatest death toll in human life
Are dreams crushed beneath the strife
Visions snuffed out left only to smolder
Regrets abound as we only get older

You are made like an eagle in the sky
The more winds come against you, the higher you fly
The more you struggle, the bigger the muscle
The more the obstacles, the greater the hustle

You're made for the top of the world
You may have been crushed, beaten and hurled
Those are only bumps in your trip
Don't let the bumps make you lose your grip

Defeat in life is to stop where you are
Never climbing again for fear of a scar
The common place is like quicksand
Swallowing you before reaching the Promised Land

Make up your mind
There's still time
You've got plenty of spunk
You're nowhere near sunk

So get up and get going
Your potential is growing
Start to press
Don't settle for less

~A MountainWings Original taken from the sermon,
"Don't Settle for Less" on

from the creators of the websites

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