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The Game - Two Winners

This Game is similar to poker.

Player 1 I have sadness
Player 2 I see your sadness and raise you a smile
(1) I see your smile to my sadness and raise you hopelessness
(2) I see your hopelessness and raise you some hope

(1) I see your hope and raise you dark skies
(2) I see your dark skies and raise you a rainbow

(1) I see your rainbow to my dark skies and raise you despair
(2) I see your despair and raise you a hug

(1) I see your hug and raise you warmth
(2) I see your warmth and raise you joy

(1) I see your joy to my warmth and raise you a caring heart
(2) I see your caring heart and raise you knowledge that the 
     outlook won’t always be so bleak

(1) I see your knowledge and raise you happiness for the future
(2) I see your happiness and raise you love

Both of us winners

~A MountainWings Original by Jean Andrews, Sheffield, UK~
        from the creators of the websites

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