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Good Morning

Good Morning Dear Lord

The night is dark and lonely
Sitting alone in my shame
Desperate to reach out to someone
But all I can do is blame

How could I have fallen so far
From my sheltered life
I thought I was winning the race
But all I created was strife

Lost in my quest for success
I seldom thought of you
My directions seemed so clear
I had "made it" from my point of view

Each passing day took me deeper
Into a place with no way out
Achieving my goals at any cost
Was beginning to cast great doubt

Thinking I didn't need you daily
Was my to be my biggest mistake
The rising tide took me under
I was a fool, a phony, a fake

I have now fallen from my place of stature
In one felt swoop I lost it all
Nothing matters to me anymore
Except my shame, my guilt, my brick wall

Oh Lord can you hear me
I have nothing left to give
I should have turned to you sooner
But I had my life to live

Oh Lord tear down this brick wall
Show me the path I should take
Take away this need to hide myself
Please before I awake

Let my eyes open to your love
Let this new day bring hope
Peel back the darkness in my heart
Hold me Lord so I can cope

Good Morning Dear Lord
Thank you for the sunshine
No longer will my soul be lonely
Knowing that now, you are mine

~A MountainWings Original by Michelle Czlonka, Merrillville, IN 
                               For her brother
        from the creators of the websites

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