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It Takes Three

It takes a Groom,
it takes a Bride,
two people standing side by side.

It takes a ring and vows to say,
"This is our Blessed Wedding Day."

For Marriage Vows are sanctified,
and Loving Hearts are unified.

Standing with the Bride and Groom,
unseen by others in the room,
the 'Spirit of the Lord' is there
to bless this happy, loving pair.

For it is known that married life
is richer for both Man and Wife
when God is made a partner too
in everything you plan and do.

Your home will be specially blest,
when God is made your daily guest.

For when God becomes a part
of Mind, Body, Soul, and Heart,
your love becomes a wondrous blend
that will surely NEVER EVER end.

And God looks down and says,

"Well done, for now you two are Truly One."

            ~A MountainWings Original by
     Maureen E. Graham (MEG), Howell, MI~
from the creators of the websites

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