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Words from the movie and song, "Here We Are" from the CD
"A Love Song for You" by Ivan Stinson at
Listen to other songs from Ivan's CD and download a FREE song
from his website.

Here we are

I was so glad
When you came into my life
You came without a notice
You took me by surprise
I asked the Lord for someone
You came the very next day
How can I repay Him
For sending you my way

Here we are
In love you and me
Here we are
In love we’ll always be
Here we are
Two hearts on one accord
We’ll never be apart
Here we are 
The two of us in love

Since you came into my life
That very special day
There’s been a smile of peace and joy
All over my face
You make me laugh you comfort me
You give to me your love
A love that’s unconditional 
It comes from up above


I thank you Lord for sending me
My sweet and special someone
I thank you Lord for answering 
My prayer


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