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Today is the day I'm taking to honor my dad.
That I'm his child I'm sure glad.
For each time in the mirror I stare
The fruit of his labors stand there

It's not any special holiday
It doesn't need to be for me to say
How one man made such a change in my world
How one man held me as things unfurled

Mother's often get praise and glory aplenty
Father's often are left without any
It takes them both, that's for darn sure
But without a good dad it's hard to endure

So I'm taking some time just to let him know
He's the greatest as far as fathers go
I wouldn't have wanted any other dad
And yes, we both have made each other mad.

The good times far outnumbered the tension
The sacrifices you made too many to mention
So I'm sending this movie from me to you.
Just to let you know that I Love You

To my DAD

                 ~A MountainWings Original~
     from the creators of the websites

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