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Everything About You

Oh, how I love you…
You really can’t understand…
From the beginning of time 
You were in my plans.

Every step you take
Has already been taken
Every breath you breathe,
Is destiny in the makin’.

Every word you speak
Has already been spoken.
Every curse of your past
By Jesus’ blood is broken.

Every moment in time 
Has already been set.
Your soul mate, mate for life
You have already met.

Every job you keep,
Every word you speak,
Every dollar you give
Every life you live.

Every child you bear
Every friend you share
Every piece of clothing you wear
Every strand of your hair.

See you had purpose
Before you were conceived.
You were a being before
The Doctor said “Breathe.”

It is only a formality 
For you to be here
For this reason there is
Nothing to fear.

That job you lost,
You have lost it before.
That car that was totaled,
Won’t be totaled anymore.

That relationship that was broken
And made you a wreck,
You recovered before you were created

The absence of someone
The loss of a friend,
These occurrences have all happened before
And these same will not happen again.

See God created and sees from
The end to the beginning.
He saw the sins you would commit
Before you started sinning.

Therefore what you have done,
He already does know,
Not only can He smell the sin
On your face it does show.

Stop trying to please the people 
You see a few hours a day.
Begin to satisfy God and yourself.
And change your path, your way.

All you need right now is to pay
Attention to the road.
Stop picking up baggage 
That makes heavy your load.

Your footsteps are ordered
Meaning, you already have your destiny.
All you need to do now is 
Learn to follow me.

I love you!
Yes, I love you.
Learn to do the same!

~A MountainWings Original by Stephanie Bronner~

     from the creators of the websites

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