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The only way to do no wrong
To the "do nothing" club you must belong
You'll not accomplish anything great
Without making the occasional misteak

As we climb, toil, struggle and strain
We are going to slip, we'll feel some pain
We can dot every "i" and cross every "t"
But we'll miss comma or an apostrophe

Try as you might to have no flaws
You're setting yourself up for a pile of hee haws
If you think you are perfect you've already started
The road to error, good sense has departed

Sure, I'd like to be perfect without a blemish
But then I wouldn't speak English, Danish or Flemish
I couldn't belong to any human group at all
Because all of us take the occasional fall

I'm trying to be as good as I can
I'm trying to make it a race well ran
I can strive for the best, avoid the worst
Hope for mercy when things look cursed

All flesh is somewhat flawed
We all have lessons in the class of the 'De Laud'
Lessons to learn and sometimes to fail
Repetition of error is a doorway to hell

Mistakes we will make that's for sure
But over and over you shouldn't endure
"Fool me once shame on you," said Gomer Pyle
"Fool me twice shame on me" he said with a smile.

It's often not the errors that keep us down
It's the over and over that make us the clown
When mistakes trip us and knock us off our feet
The price is high, keep the receipt

                  ~A MountainWings Original~
     from the creators of the websites

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